I still can’t believe 2018 is over and we’re half-way through the first month of 2019. Here’s a list of the top 10 Tales From a Polk County Girl videos from 2018:

  1. Resetting the Cash Envelopes
  2. 2018 Planner Set Up
  3. Moleskine Weekly Pocket Size Walk Thru
  4. Everything Binder Set Up
  5. Book Review: Clara’s Kitchen
  6. Franklin Covey Seasons WO2P Inserts Walk Thru
  7. New to Me: Chic Sparrow Wide Creme Brulee 
  8. Mead Flex Binder Collection Update (Oct 2015)
  9. Mead Flex Binder Product Review
  10. Franklin Covey 5 Choices Planner Inserts Walk Thru


Another month down. More finished objects to show off!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB6c3KLErDw%5B/embedyt%5D

Knitting All the Blankets Ravelry Podcast link



I didn’t film as much during the last quarter of the year, compared to the rest of 2016. Of all my videos on my YouTube channel, here are the top 10:

  1. Mead Flex Binder Collection Update (October 2015)
  2. New to Me: Chic Sparrow Wide Crème Brulee
  3. Chic Sparrow Extra Wide Crème Loaner with Inserts
  4. #onebookJuly2016 Set Up Video
  5. ZLYC Passport Traveler’s Notebook Set Up
  6. Journal Collection: Blank Journals/Notebooks pt. 1
  7. Mead Flex Binder Product Review
  8. ZLYC Narrow Traveler’s Notebook Intro & Set Up
  9. Journal Collection: Blank Journals/Notebooks pt. 2
  10. Resetting the Traveler’s Notebooks


Here’s a look at how my goals for June went.

Journal Booklet:

Print off, edit if needed>>>>completed 6/1/2016, working through it myself

Bobbin Lace Bookmark Workbook:

Reset for new bookmark>>>>complete 6/5/2016, finally! (This one was left over from May.)

Recipe Book:

Write out 5 recipes>>>>nothing done. Despite my hopes when I filmed the video on June 26th, I didn’t get the five recipes written out for this month.

Genealogy Workbook:

Why are citations important?>>>>completed 6/23/2016.


Write up Disney stuff and list it>>>>taking a break from eBay right now. It takes too much time to get everything together. Maybe when I have a couple of days, or a break from work, I’ll get it done.


List Journaling booklets>>>>6/22/2016

Update price list>>>>6/22/2016

ETSY shop link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CBCproducts


I honestly didn’t have anything set up for Amazon this month, but I ended up finishing a book for a sponsored post I was doing and ended up listing the book for sale on Amazon and it sold in an hour!!!

Craft Show Inventory:

Bernat Baby Blanket in Plum Chutney>>>>completed 6/8/2016

YouTube Channel:

Film 5 videos:

  1. Canyon Happy Mail
  2. QuinPlanner Review
  3. Knitting TN Insert
  4. Monthly Knits
  5. July Goals Update


Write 5 blog posts:

  1. ABC-about me post
  2. Why mason jars are awesome
  3. Fancy pen collection
  4. Canyon happy mail
  5. How I keep track of my planners
  6. QuinPlanner Review
  7. Zeitgeber Insert Review
  8. Knitting TN insert
  9. TN insert low down
  10. Blogging for Books review
  11. Collections Notebooks
  12. Blogging Notebook walk thru
  13. Monthly knits
  14. #onebookJuly2016 set up post
  15. July goals update

YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbh6Nu7TagI

© Cori Large 28 June 2016



Two months ago, I learned that a product I love was on clearance. That product is the Mead Shopping OrganizHer notebook. I ordered 50 of them and have started to use some of them. And by some I mean 7. I have given 4 away. So I’m down to 39 still wrapped up and waiting to be used.


Here is the list of how these are being used so far:

  1. Given Away—Philip
  2. Given Away—Mom
  3. Given Away—Ann
  4. Shopping Lists & Coupons (the original intent of this product, separate post coming)
  5. Knitting & Crafting Notes
  6. Fictional Work: Theatre Troupe
  7. Fictional Work: The Ultimate Recycling Machine
  8. Fictional Work: NaNoWriMo 2015 piece
  9. Fictional Work: National TTMM
  10. Became my new EDC-refillable notebook. I retired the original one I bought a year ago, because it was starting to fall apart.
  11. Given Away-Inlaws

This is how it’s going at the moment.


YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/_hjy4oyd8wM

© Cori Large March 4, 2016




As I’m writing this, I realized I haven’t even posted the Insert Haul post from April!!! I’m so behind! [Edit: That post went up last week.] Anyways! It’s no surprise that narrow / standard size notebooks for Traveler’s Notebooks are hard to come by in local stores, prices vary online, and if you buy online, you have to wait for it to be shipped (if it’s not a digital download).

In the previous post I mentioned above, I showed some Piccadilly notebooks I had gotten on Clearance. I was in Marshall’s and once again managed to score more notebooks!!! These are not narrow sized, but I got them cheap enough that I don’t mind cutting them down to fit my Narrow TNs. I know some TN users cut Moleskine notebooks down, but Moleskine is too expensive for me.



The notebooks I got are Punch Studio brand and come in packs of 3. They measure 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches, and fit inside a Chic Sparrow Extra Wide TN (FYI). There were 4 singles (2 have already been cut down) at $2.99 each; and 13-3 packs (39 notebooks total) at $4.99 per pack. For a lovely grand total of: $76.83 before sales tax. Yes, that may be a lot of money up front, but works out to $1.79 an insert!!! *happy dance*










If you think you’re seeing double of some covers, don’t worry, you are! Some don’t like having the same cover over and over on their inserts, so my acquisition method may not suit some. That’s okay. To each their own. And if I don’t like the cover or get tire of it, I can always glue scrapbook paper cover it!

I love getting deals on products I use! Once again, I recommend checking out off-price retailers. (Off-price retailers are stores that sell brand name merchandise are discounted prices.) I love these stores!

This lot are some I’m not planning on cutting down. I’m keeping them for something special:


YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/cZwiS9Qrtd8

© Cori Large 15 May 2016


No video to accompany this post this month you guys. Sorry! Memorial Day weekend got away from me and I didn’t have time to get one filmed.


May’s Goals

  1. Journal Prompt Book:
    1. Work on new format>>>>Completed 5/2/2016
  2. Bobbin Lace Bookmark Workbook:
    1. Reset for new bookmark>>>>FAILED
  3. Recipe Book:
    1. Write out 5 recipes>>>>Completed 5/11/2016
  4. Genealogy Workbook:
    1. Write out “Why the male line is first?”>>>>Completed 5/28/2016
  5. eBay:
    1. Clean up eBay computer file>>>>Completed 5/12/2016
  6. ETSY:
    1. List MF ½ hr. w/ TD list insert>>>>OOOPS! I actually did do this in April! But I didn’t mark it complete!
      1. Watermark>>>done
      2. Screenshot>>>done
    2. List Months’ worth of Dailies w/ TD list insert>>>>Completed 5/17/2016
      1. Watermark>>>done
      2. Screenshot>>>done
    3. Update price list>>>>Completed 5/17/2016
  7. Amazon:
    1. Remove paperbacks from inventory>>>>Completed 5/5/2016
  8. Craft Show Inventory:
    1. Bernat Baby Plum Chutney baby blanket>>>>Personal project was worked on instead.
  9. YouTube Channel:
    1. Film 5 videos:>>>>Completed!
    2. Goals Update 2016-5
    3. ZLYC Narrow TN set up May 2016
    4. Maverick 2016-5 set up
    5. DIY Fauxdori’s
    6. TN insert haul May 2016
  10. Blog:
    1. Write 5 blog posts:>>>>Completed!
    2. ZLYC Narrow TN set up May 2016
    3. Goals Update 2016-5
    4. CSL: Nutritional Anthropology
    5. May 2016 Meat Haul
    6. DIY Fauxdori’s
    7. Insert Haul May 2016
    8. Maverick 2016-5 set up
    9. Goals Update 2016-6

See y’all next month!


It’s back!!! My wonderful Chic Sparrow Maverick in Golden Brown is finally back in my hands! Hubby let me open my birthday present two days early, so I had the whole weekend to play with it and set it up.


Recap: Chic Sparrow Narrow / Standard size Maverick Deluxe (has pockets) in the Golden Brown color, with 2 pen loops.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I was becoming paranoid that I might now like it because of how long we’d been apart.

So here’s my set up:

Yellow Paper House 2016 Monthly Booklet


Booklet of Daily pages, a month’s worth—my own design


Three empty notebooks: 1 cut down Piccadilly that’s become another Collections book, and a set of the Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook inserts.




With all these inserts, he’s very much a “Chunky Monkey” to use Jennifer Harvey’s (Owner and Creator of Chic Sparrow) phrase.



In my pen loops, I’ve got a red calligraphy marker/pen and in the other one, I have my black sharpie pen.

I had forgotten how bulky and heavy the leather was! Even rewatching my own unboxing video didn’t help. The ZLYC leather I had been using was much much thinner and I could only fit 3, maybe 4, notebooks in it. And even then, the ZLYC was not as chunky as my Maverick. So I’m going to have to get used to the weight of this one. I’ve been smelling it a lot (fellow Sparrow owners know what I mean).

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/l3wGd1g-_ac

© Cori Large 15 May 2016


Here are my top 10 most popular videos I’ve filmed and posted on YouTube.

  1. Bullet Journal Set up July 2015
  2. Mead Flex Binder Planner March 2015
  3. April 2015 Bullet Journal Set Up
  4. Cash Envelope Wallet
  5. Franklin Covey Sierra Planner Set Up
  6. June 2015 Bullet Journal Set Up
  7. May 2015 Bullet Journal
  8. Experiment in Bullet Journaling March 2015
  9. Unboxing Video: Mead Shopping OrganizHer
  10. New to Me: Fauxdori Field Notes Aug 2015

In making this list, I’m seeing a pattern. Bullet Journaling is a very popular planning system. I still love the idea, but I need more structure than the original idea offers.

Not to push anyone to watch any of my videos (though I’d love you, if you did), #9 Unboxing Video: Mead Shopping OrganizHer video is comical IMO. My friend filmed it during a Girl’s Craft Day at my house when it showed up in the mail. It is one of the rawest videos I’ve filmed. This notebook is still one of my favorite products EVER!

© Cori Large January 2, 2016


Bullet Journal Set Up for April 2015

Hi everyone!

I changed how I set up my bullet journal for April 2015. I moved it out of my diary and into my Mead Shopping OrganizHer (aka my Mini Flex).

Here’s the video link: http://youtu.be/Nr8uyllspk0


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