Weekly Writing Update 7/8-7/28/2019

Hello Darlings!

My muse has been good to me. Lots of ideas floating around. I wish I had that “Quick Quotes Quill” from Harry Potter to keep up with my brain sometimes.

11 July 2019

*Added 451 words to Best in Show (renamed Confronting Emotion)

12 July 2019

*Added 1338 words to 7 Minutes in Heaven

13 July 2019

*Added 1295 words to The Appearance of Impropriety

14 July 2019

*Added 798 words to Confronting Emotion

19 July 2019

*Wrote A to Z Knitting Stories: Indie Dyer Friends chapter, 388 words.

23 July 2019

*Wrote Editor letter

*Formatted Bobbin Lace Workbook file

24 July 2019

*Began new piece What Changed; 273 words; this piece will be absorbed into a new novella

25 July 2019

*Setup and rough outline for aforementioned novella: 328 words; working title: Reunited.

27 July 2019
*Bought my ISBNs for self-publishing!

Vlog July 2019 aka Where Have I Been?

Writing Life Update~Different Layout

Since I’ve been negligent about posting updates each week about what I’ve been working on, I figured a different format to catch everyone up would be the easiest option.

16 June 2019

*Added 43 words to Dishcloth Pattern

*Wrote 177 words on A-Z Knitting Stories: Expanding Business chapter

19 June 2019

*Wrote 304 words for Bobbin Lace Pattern instruction

21 June 2019

*Started copyright page for Bobbin Lace workbook

*Wrote 244 words for A-Z Knitting Stories: G chapter

30 June 2019

*Wrote July Patreon story, Paint Me a Picture; 1488 words

4 July 2019

*Wrote 1816 words for Fundraiser Dinner short story

5 July 2019

*Added 1350 words to Fundraiser Dinner short story

6 July 2019

*Wrote Heartbreak Under the Texas Stars short story; 1366 words

I’m on a roll with writing several days in a row and I hope to keep it up for as long as possible. Some of these short stories will become the Patreon monthly story.

I AM writing which is great! I’ve been really inspired lately and it’s taking me no time at all to get a couple hundred to over a thousand words written.

Writing Life Update June 2019

What have I been working on?

  1. Finished edit 5 of WK2T

What’s in Edits right now?

  1. “Can We Pause for a Minute?” (But nothing done.)
  2. “In Memory Of” (still need to character outfit description)

Publication Research:

Rechecked submission guidelines for several publishers.

Anything submitted?

Submitted Will Knit to Travel to Polis Books, Turner Books, Bellevue Literary Press, Black & White Publishing, and put the submission packet together for Tor/Forge to be mailed on Tuesday.

Anything Else to Share?

It’s too cold! And wet! I swear I’m part reptile. When the temperature drops, I don’t want to do anything!

Plans for the Week:

  1. Mail Tor/Forge packet on Tuesday.
  2. Recheck my publisher excel for proposal guidelines for February To Do’s.
  3. Finish Feb Patreon story. Almost done!


What have I been working on? NOTHING!

What’s in Edits right now? NOTHING!

Publication Research: NOTHING!

Anything submitted? NOTHING!

Anything Else to Share? So yeah I took a break this week from doing anything writing related. It felt great! But I know it also means I lost a week of work.

Plans for the Week: 1. Start writing Round 2 in “Baking Competition” 2. Begin adding 30 publishers/lit journals to my excel spreadsheet. 3. Brainstorm ideas for the January Patreon story.



  1. Reading…100 Million Years of Food: What Our Ancestors Ate and Why It Matters Today by Stephen Le.
  2. Watching…the final season of GRIMM
  3. Knitting…last baby blanket for craft show inventory and cotton dishcloths for craft show inventory.
  4. Writing…finishing up the final chapter in my current novel.
  5. Favorite recipe so far this month…souvlaki. I love making souvlaki!

How’s everyone else doing mid-month? Feel free to copy and paste this check-in list into your blog!


Here’s a look at how my goals for June went.

Journal Booklet:

Print off, edit if needed>>>>completed 6/1/2016, working through it myself

Bobbin Lace Bookmark Workbook:

Reset for new bookmark>>>>complete 6/5/2016, finally! (This one was left over from May.)

Recipe Book:

Write out 5 recipes>>>>nothing done. Despite my hopes when I filmed the video on June 26th, I didn’t get the five recipes written out for this month.

Genealogy Workbook:

Why are citations important?>>>>completed 6/23/2016.


Write up Disney stuff and list it>>>>taking a break from eBay right now. It takes too much time to get everything together. Maybe when I have a couple of days, or a break from work, I’ll get it done.


List Journaling booklets>>>>6/22/2016

Update price list>>>>6/22/2016

ETSY shop link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CBCproducts


I honestly didn’t have anything set up for Amazon this month, but I ended up finishing a book for a sponsored post I was doing and ended up listing the book for sale on Amazon and it sold in an hour!!!

Craft Show Inventory:

Bernat Baby Blanket in Plum Chutney>>>>completed 6/8/2016

YouTube Channel:

Film 5 videos:

  1. Canyon Happy Mail
  2. QuinPlanner Review
  3. Knitting TN Insert
  4. Monthly Knits
  5. July Goals Update


Write 5 blog posts:

  1. ABC-about me post
  2. Why mason jars are awesome
  3. Fancy pen collection
  4. Canyon happy mail
  5. How I keep track of my planners
  6. QuinPlanner Review
  7. Zeitgeber Insert Review
  8. Knitting TN insert
  9. TN insert low down
  10. Blogging for Books review
  11. Collections Notebooks
  12. Blogging Notebook walk thru
  13. Monthly knits
  14. #onebookJuly2016 set up post
  15. July goals update

YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbh6Nu7TagI

© Cori Large 28 June 2016


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Over the past couple of months, I’ve posted quite a bit about what non-traditional inserts are available out there for Traveler’s Notebooks. I don’t always remember to add the same information, for which I apologize, and I’d like to do another one where I give some quantitative information and measurements, information I like to have myself. Starting from the smaller sizes, I’ll be going through an listing the stats on my Traveler’s Notebook Inserts.

Quick note: I’m adding where I purchased these various notebooks. This is not a guarantee that they will be available in your area.

*Kate Spade Small Notebook*


Measurements: 4 ¼” long by 3 1/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 32 sheets, 64 pages.

Features: unlined, sewn.


Bought from: Bealls Outlet.

*Composition Book*


Measurements: 4 ½” long by 3 ¼” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 80 sheets, 160 pages.

Features: lined, sewn, cover has a space to label it.


Bought from: Wal-Mart.

*Midori-Style Passport Insert*


Measurements: 5” long x 3.5” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 32 sheets, 64 pages.

Features: this one was lined, other have blank or grid paper, kraft paper cover which can be customized, stapled.


Bought from: Came with my ZLYC Passport TN.

*Poppin Pocket Notebook*


Measurements: 4 7/8” long x 3 3/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 32 sheets, 64 pages.

Features: lined but its wide ruled, sewn, has a cover sheet for labeling.



Bought from: TJ Maxx and/or Bealls Outlet (I’ve picked them up at both stores).

*PaperCraft Notebooks*


Measurements: 5 ¼” long by 3 1/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 28 sheets, 56 pages.

Features: lined, sewn.


Bought from: Big Lots.

*Moleskine Pocket Notebooks*


Measurements: 5 ½” long by 3 1/2” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 40 sheets, 80 pages.

Features: lined, title page for labeling, I’m not sure if it’s sewn because I can’t see the threads.



Bought from: TJ Maxx.

*CaseMate Notebooks*


Measurements: 6 7/8” long by 5” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 40 sheets, 80 pages.

Features: lined but wide ruled, sewn, fits in my homemade B6 very nicely.


Bought from: Wal-Mart.

*CarolinaPad Notebooks*


Measurements: 7” long by 5” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 80 sheets, 160 pages.

Features: lined, sewn, variety of cover options.


Bought from: Wal-Mart.

*Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebooks*


Measurements: 8 ¼” long by 4 ¼” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 16 sheets, 32 pages.

Features: comes in packs of 2, one ruled-one grid, and thicker paper.



Bought from: Joann Fabrics.

*OCS Notebooks*


Measurements: 8 ¼” long by 5 5/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 40 sheets, 80 pages.

Features: interesting covers, ruled but wide ruled, comes in 3 packs.


Bought from: TJ Maxx and Mashall’s.

*Piccadilly Notebooks*


Measurements: 8 ¼” long by 5” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 50 sheets, 100 pages.

Features: sewn, ruled, back pocket, comes in 3 packs.



Bought from: Barnes and Noble.

*Punch Studio Notebooks*


Measurements: 8 3/8” long by 5 5/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 40 sheets, 80 pages.

Features: lined but wide ruled, stapled, variety of covers, pages have header space for a title.


Bought from: Marshall’s.

Author’s note: Keep in mind, a larger size notebook can be cut down to a smaller size. All of the bigger ones in my stash will be cut down as needed for my narrow Traveler’s Notebooks.

I hope this post was helpful! I know having this information on hand (it’ll be going in my TN) will be handy when looking for more inserts (like I need more!).

© Cori Large 19 June 2016



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