Hi everyone! In this video, I’m walking you through the Writing section of my planner. I don’t keep a lot in the planner since I have the B6 flex, but I also don’t always have the B6 with me.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPXICsVf12A%5B/embedyt%5D

Printable link: You may have to subscribe to the All About Planner blog to get this, but it’s still a free printable.

B6 Flex as Writing Notebook 


My Everything Binder is exactly what it sounds like. This binder holds a lot of important projects. This is not my House Binder or my Finance Binder, however. This Flex binder (surprise, surprise) contains six dividers thus creating six sections.

1st Section:

Divider: a pocket divider

This section is kind of a catchall, but mostly used for working on my monthly targets for my goals, writing out recipes, writing out blog posts, and blank paper to write on.

2nd Section:

Divider: pocket divider

This is my Writing Section. Notice the capital W and S. I’ve filled up the notebook I’ve been writing my current novel in, but the story isn’t over. So I’ve continued the novel on notebook paper. This section also has several lists of “Other Ways to Say” writing aids.

3rd Section:

Divider: pocket divider

This is the Passion Planner (PP) section! I’m still playing around with my PP and setting it up. I have a separate video showing my set up so far. Also, more videos on this section are in the works.

4th Section:

Divider: page protector style

This is a small section where I put random things I’ve written down, i.e. Project Bag theme and Blick Mead notes from my trip to England.

5th Section:

Divider: page protector style

This section has my receipt for buying Alton Brown: Eat Your Science LIVE tickets in April. Nothing else in this section at the moment.

6th Section:

Divider: page protector style

And this section is empty. I don’t know if I’ll put anything back here or if this divider will act as a protector of papers in Section 5.

This binder goes with me from home to work. I work on blog posts and writing recipes when I’m on my lunch break, and the Passion Planner keeps me on track.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KSzwu_W20k%5B/embedyt%5D

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Alright, people, #onebookJuly2016 is over and I get to play with all of my traveler’s notebooks again! I’ve reset and reorganized them since I have a new one (Foxy Fix LP#5).

From smallest to largest:


ZLYC Passport: story ideas insert, brain dump insert, and temporary lists insert.


Fabric Dori: gardening insert, homesteading insert, and book notes insert.


Foxy Fix Marina Le Petit #5: empty notebook, The Master To Do List, and Projects insert.

20160821_150530 20160821_150538


ZLYC Narrow: Yellow Paper House’s 2016 Monthly booklet, kraft folder, 31 day journaling booklet, and a daily notebook for my daily set ups.


Chic Sparrow Maverick: Collections #1, Collections #2, Knitting Notes, blank notebook, and Blogging notebook.

The wonderful things about TNs is that I can change things out and around on a whim, a lot easier than when I was in rings.

I carry the ZLYC passport and narrow with me. The Foxy Fix may come with me occasionally, but it depends on the day. And the Fabric Dori and the Maverick stay at home.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lmeraUGj5w

What’s everyone else using to stay organized?

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Two months ago, I learned that a product I love was on clearance. That product is the Mead Shopping OrganizHer notebook. I ordered 50 of them and have started to use some of them. And by some I mean 7. I have given 4 away. So I’m down to 39 still wrapped up and waiting to be used.


Here is the list of how these are being used so far:

  1. Given Away—Philip
  2. Given Away—Mom
  3. Given Away—Ann
  4. Shopping Lists & Coupons (the original intent of this product, separate post coming)
  5. Knitting & Crafting Notes
  6. Fictional Work: Theatre Troupe
  7. Fictional Work: The Ultimate Recycling Machine
  8. Fictional Work: NaNoWriMo 2015 piece
  9. Fictional Work: National TTMM
  10. Became my new EDC-refillable notebook. I retired the original one I bought a year ago, because it was starting to fall apart.
  11. Given Away-Inlaws

This is how it’s going at the moment.


YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/_hjy4oyd8wM

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Once again I happen upon the Mead OrganizHer Shopping Companion notebook (aka the Mini Flex) on the Mead website and it’s on Clearance. When I informed my husband of this, his response was “How many are you going to buy?” If you’ve been following my blog and YouTube channel for awhile, you know I LOVE my Mini Flex. Some would say I’m obsessed. I prefer the term enthusiast.

I called the Customer Service number to ask if it was possible to buy them by the case. Yes, you read that correctly. I wanted to buy a case of Mini Flexes. The very helpful lady on the phone informed me that they only had the purple cover available (the color I don’t have). 868 of them were available in fact, at $2.99 each.

So guess how many I bought?

50 of them. Not going to lie, I did briefly consider buying all of them, but that was too much money. I got free shipping and used a 20% discount code. Ultimately, I paid $119.36 for 50 brand new mini flexes.


My friend, Canyon, asked me why. Other than my automatic response of Why not?, the only thing I could come up with is that I love this product so much that if it is being discontinued by Mead, I’m going to need enough to last me for the rest of my life.

Yes, I know I’ve made my own Mini Flexes from full size Flex Binders, but it’s just not the same. To paraphrase, one of my favorite quotes: Some call me obsessed. Over-prepared. Maybe even a little crazy. But I know what it’s like to lose out on a favorite product by missing a clearance sale.


YouTube link for the Unboxing Haul: https://youtu.be/frJLtxgUb_A

My enthusiasm for this product has not changed. Compare to the initial unboxing video of my first one: https://youtu.be/frJLtxgUb_A

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Writing Notebooks

Once upon a time I dreamed up using a refillable binder as my writing notebook. So one day, after filling up bound notebook after expensive bound notebook, I decided to make one of my full-size Mead Flex binders into a writing notebook. You can briefly read about it here.

The black flex binder has long term pieces in it: book ideas, longer nonfiction piece that I add to still.

IMG_1729 IMG_1730

My pink flex binder has been many things over the years: school binder, planner, project manager, life notebook, and a catchall notebook with loose leaf paper. It is currently set up as a catchall notebook. I use it to write out blog posts. I was going to try writing out my blog posts in my journal, but wasn’t working the way I wanted it to.


So far, this set up is working for me. And this is an example of one way you can organize your writing, whether you’re writing blog posts, fiction pieces, nonfiction pieces, etc.

© Cori Large June 2, 2015

My Love of Mead Flex Binders

Over the course of several posts, I have brought up the Mead Flex Binder. I’ve been asked on Facebook about my “fascination” with them. I can only boil it down to its selling point: flexible like a spiral notebook, refillable like a binder.

It’s true! I love the fact that I can bend this “binder” back like a spiral notebook, and that I can add more paper and dividers where I need them and remove them as well. Also, the standard size three hole binder is a lot easier to work with than a seven ring binder. The standard three ring set up makes it easy and convenient to add more paper to it (another check in its favor).

I currently have 4 flex binders in use:

  • Magenta = general notebook
  • Green = writing notebook
  • Black #1 = price book (still in the works, and may have its own post at some point)
  • Black #2 = work notebook. This one stays on my desk at work. Front section has a running To Do list and Office Max list and the dividers each house notes for work related projects.

I have four backups: 2 red and 2 blue. For the record, the only two I’ve ever paid for price for (approx. $15 each) were the magenta one and a Tinker Bell green one that broke years ago. All other have been bought on Clearance! The last two I picked up on January 31. They were marked down to $2.50 and $5.00 respectively, but rang up for $1.50 each!!!

Depending on the retailer, these flex binders retail between $9.00-$15.00.

The website (www.mead.com) has a lot more options: bigger ring, zipper closure, clear pocket in the front, etc.

The website also had a product I didn’t know about: Mead Shopping Organizher, which is a two-ring smaller version. This product has its own product review post.

This is a product that I happily recommend to everyone. Try it out. If you don’t want to spend that much money on a binder, wait until after school is back in session. Around November is when I see these notebooks start hitting the clearance racks.

© Cori Large February 4, 2015.

Planner Pieces Series Links

Planner Pieces Series

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Mead Flex Binder as Ideal Writing Notebook

[part 5b of Cori’s Planner Pieces series]

In my last piece, I mentioned that I use a similar concept to Bullet Journaling to organize my writing notebook.

Writing Notebook (1)I use a Mead Flex Binder for my Writing notebook. I love these binders and will show how they help keep me organized in another post.

When you open my Writing Notebook, the first thing you see if a page I tore out of a magazine. It’s a woman running along a street, and the fall leaves are all around here. I love autumn and I thought this picture was lovely. Then I read the little box and knew I had to acquire this page. Writing Notebook (2)

The box says: MAKE YOUR ESCAPE. You are not your to-do list. You are not your have-tos or must-dos. You are not your job. Although your first waking thoughts likely focus on the needs of others and all the things you want to accomplish, you are, most important, yourself. Take time every day to remember than—even if it means running away from everyone and everything you love so you come back refreshed and recharged. The world can wait. You shouldn’t have to.

That message resonated with me, and a read it every time I open my notebook to write in. I encourage everyone to find a message that speaks to you and keep it close by for when you need it most.

After the message, I have a Topic Page at the beginning, where I list out the blog piece I plan on writing in the future. In the left hand margin, I list the color of the Post It flag I’ve assigned to it. Once the flag color has been assigned, I add the blog piece title to a blank page, any quick notes for the piece, and add the flag on the next line down to create a divider.

Writing Notebook (3)

Writing Notebook (4) Writing Notebook (5)

Writing Notebook (6) Writing Notebook (7)

I’ve been rolling this organizational system around in my head for a while now. I used to write all fiction and nonfiction pieces in bound journals. Learning about the Bullet Journaling system pushed me to go ahead and set up this binder. I’m soooo happy I did it. One of the main reasons I like this setup so much is that I can add more paper to each piece if I need it. Also, the bound journals were becoming expensive.

I’ve gotten more written in the last 2-3 weeks since I’ve started this binder than I have in the past six months.

I’ll be starting another binder to keep the completed and typed pieces in. They’ll be organized in a similar fashion: Table of Contents and pieces filed in the order in which they were completed.

© Cori Large December 23, 2014