Examples of “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without”

This is one of my favorite phrases. I try to live my life encompassing the Depression-era wisdom. Here are five CRAFTING way I’m living up to this phrase.

  1. Cotton Scrap-ghan

The cotton comes from all the leftover cotton yarn from when I’m knitting dishcloths, scrubbies, or kitchen sets. Any yarn that isn’t enough to make a scrubbie (the smallest cotton project) gets added to my scrap bins. All the cotton scraps are tied together in the order I use them or receive them (some of the yarn is donated by my fellow crafters). Currently, it sits on a pair of circular knitting needles, but that will soon change.

The cotton scrap-ghan has gone through two revisions, and will very soon be going through its third. I found a fun new pattern that I’m testing out on other yarn, before I tear this one out again. It is the Frankie Brown 10 Stitch blanket, which can be found on Ravelry.com.

My husband thinks I’m nuts for wanting to tear it out again, but the 10 stitch pattern will allow for blocks of color, not just lines where you might be able to see something.

  1. Acrylic Scrap, 1.0 oz or more

When I receive an acrylic yarn, I weigh it to determine if I can use it for my Pieces Afghan (explained below) or if it will get put straight into the acrylic scrap-ghan. If I have 1.0 oz or more of acrylic yarn, I knit as many squares as I can for the Pieces Afghan. A quick aside about my Pieces Afghan. It is my knitter’s answer to the crocheted Granny Square afghan. I use scrap yarn to knit as many squares as I can and when there’s not enough yarn for another square, it goes to my other acrylic scrap-ghan.

  1. Acrylic Scrap, less than 1.0 oz

I currently have a Frankie Brown 10 stitch blanket going that is an acrylic scrap-ghan. It is made up of greens, browns, tans, cameos…very boyish. This is my practice one to see if I can master the pattern and get the mitered corners right.

I have other scrap yarn that is waiting to be knit up into its own scrap-ghan. The next one, if I don’t jump to redoing the cotton scrap-ghan, is a brighter colored one: blues, pinks, purples.

  1. Worn Out Clothes Quilt

This quilt is more a concept at the moment. I have lots of fabric scraps from fabric I learned to sew on 20 years ago, and fabric from worn out pajamas from both my husband and me. My intention is to cut all the fabric I can into 3-5 inch squares, piece it all together, and one day, make a king size quilt out of it.

  1. Floor pillow of thrums, fabric scraps, etc.

This is another sewing project that is still in concept mode, but will hopefully come to life before long. I want to make a floor pillow or tuft. The outside may also be a quilted one, made up of the scraps from the above piece, but I’m unsure yet. I do an up-cycle plan for all the stuffing. I’ve been saving all the thrums and fabric scraps from my other projects, and my crafting friends have been contributing to it as well. I plan on using all of this to stuff the pillow. Currently, I have ½ a garbage bag full.

So those are my crafting ideas. If you’d like to try it, have at it!

© Cori Large April 11, 2015