Here’s list (with links) for the top 10 most popular videos on my Tales From a Polk County Girl YouTube channel:

  1. Mead Flex Binder Collection Update (October 2015) (1,927 views)
  2. Mead Flex Binder Product Review (1,157 views)
  3. New to Me: Chic Sparrow Wide Creme Brulee (1,026 views)
  4. Chic Sparrow Dr. Jones B6 Regular Traveler’s Notebook (906 views)
  5. Passion Planner March 2017 Flip Thru (695 views)
  6. Everything Binder Set Up (539 views)
  7. Sept 2017 Passion Planner Compact (456 views)
  8. Customizing a Flex Binder (450 views)
  9. How to Make a Progress Keeper or a Planner Charm (385 views)
  10. Passion Planner April 2017 Flip Thru (381 views)

Other Interesting YT 2017 stats:

Total watch time: 43, 173 minutes.

Total views: 17, 576 views.

Total Likes: 283.

Total Dislikes: 20.

Total Comments: 94.

Total Shares: 80.

# Playlist saves: 313.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my YouTube channel, check it out! I film videos about the different planner systems I try out, Flex binders, books I read, and generally anything I feel like talking about.


Reasons for leaving & changing various planner systems:

Day-Timer Desk size Verona 3 ring zipper: rings were too small for what I needed to carry with me.

Day-Timer Folio size Verona 7 ring zipper: 7 rings was ridiculous to deal with. It should have been a standard 3 ring set up. The punch was ridiculous expensive as well.

Franklin Covey Classic size Sierra 7 ring zipper: I wanted to try other planner set ups. I do miss this one sometimes. The rings were HUGE! I carried the world in that book.

Regular size Flex Binder: I was playing around and experimenting. Stopped using it when I found the Mead OrganizHer Shopping Companion (aka Mini Flex).

Mead OrganizHer Shopping Companion aka  the Mini Flex: decided to use as a refillable notebook.

Various bullet journal notebooks: I filled them up.

Day-Timer Portable size Malibu in Rose Gold: Like I said in the narrative, I was pressured into trying Traveler’s Notebooks. I really loved this planner. I love the color, and still drool over it. I used this planner for 7 months straight, considering the journey I’ve been on this is Amazing!

ZLYC Standard size Traveler’s Notebook: I received a bigger standard/narrow traveler’s notebook (the CS Maverick) and it could hold more inserts.

Chic Sparrow Narrow Maverick: Used mainly for #onebookJuly2016, but it was sooooo heavy!

Foxy Fix Marina: Decided to give the Passion Planner a go to see if it really would help me with my goals.

Passion Planner Classic size: Too big and bulky to carry around with me. It stays at home.

Passion Planner Compact size: It was an experiment to see if I could have used this size. I could made it work, but I like the wider columns of the Franklin Covey vertical WO2P more.


Planner Usage Timeline:

2006-2012: Day-Timer Desk size Verona 3 ring zipper planner

2013-2014: Day-Timer Folio size Verona 7 ring zipper planner

2014: Franklin Covey Classic size Sierra 7 ring zipper planner

2015: Franklin Covey Classic size Sierra 7 ring zipper planner

           Regular size Flex Binder with self-designed inserts

           Experimenting on and off with various Bullet Journal notebooks

           Day-Timer Portable size Malibu in Rose Gold (drool)

2016: Day-Timer Portable size Malibu in Rose Gold

           ZLYC Standard traveler’s notebook

           Chic Sparrow Narrow Maverick traveler’s notebook

            Foxy Fix Marina B6 traveler’s notebook

2017: Passion Planner Classic size in Flex Binder

           Customized Franklin Covey Blooms WO2P inserts in Monster Flex

            Experimented with Passion Planner Compact pages during September

Various Links: 

DayTimer website

Franklin Covey website

Mead Flex Binder website

Bullet Journal website

ZLYC Amazon link

Chic Sparrow website

Foxy Fix website

Passion Planner website


I’ve been part of the Planner Addict World for two and a half years at this point. Lots of planning systems and styles have crossed my desk in that time. I’d like to share with you some thoughts I’ve been having about my journey.

This isn’t my first reflection either. A year into my fall down the rabbit hole, I wrote this post. When I wrote that piece, I was still planning on going into 2016 with my DayTimer Malibu Portable in Rose Gold. HOWEVER, that all changed when my friend, Canyon, pushed me into trying Traveler’s Notebooks.

Traveler’s Notebooks were interesting for me. I initially purchased the ZLYC Standard size off Amazon. Then got a second-hand Chic Sparrow Creme Wide. Somewhere in there I went back and bought the ZLYC Passport size. Granted, I never used the Wide or the Passport sizes for Planners. And, to top it all off, Husband got a Chic Sparrow Maverick Narrow. I used the Maverick for a few months before switching to a smaller size in August 2016.

The Foxy Fix Marina in the B6 size was a beautiful. I can acquire cheap notebooks to use as inserts very easily for this size at Walmart. I used the Marina until January 2017, when I decided to give the Passion Planner (the initial planner kickstarter video which led to other planner videos). I printed off the Classic PDF and put it in my Flex Binder. My love of Flex binders is not a secret and I had mentioned in the previous reflection video, that if I ever went back to a full-size planner, I would put it in a Flex Binder.

Using the Passion Planner has helped me work towards a life-long goal of publishing a book. I’ve made more progress towards publishing my book in the last six months than I have with any other manuscript. I’m continuing to use it, but it is no longer my EDC (everyday carry). Being a full-size planner, it wasn’t fun to carry back and forth to work. Which brought about a change in size once again!

May 2017, the day before I’m due to leave for a 3 day conference, I spend my evening DIYing and customizing some outdated premade Franklin Covey Blooms inserts to put in my Mini Flex. The Mini Flex got changed out for a Monster Flex (bigger rings, same page size). I still use the Passion Planner to track progress towards my goals. The Monster Flex has become my EDC and general all-purpose notebook, which I love! I actually predicted this would be my ideal planner in a post from 2015. As per my usual way of doing things, it takes several go arounds before I admit to myself the initial system I thought up was going to be perfect for me.

That’s where I stand for now. I’ve come full circle it seems, since I’m now Who knows what I’ll be using at the start of 2018 or a year from now. It’s been quite the journey, and writing these reflection posts has been eye-opening. I’ve ordered Franklin Covey Seasons WO2P inserts for 2018. I’d love to tell you I’ve found planner peace, but I know myself. As soon as I verbalize that, I’ll want to change my setup.

If you use a planner, what system has been working for you? Will you be staying in it for 2018 or trying something different? Let me know in the comments.


I recently bought a Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook. I thought my Chic Sparrow Dr. Jones B6 would be my last TN. Famous last words right?

In the video, I got over this TN in more depth.



  • Listed as a standard size traveler’s notebook.
  • Comes with a plan, blank notebook with a craft paper cover, in the standard/narrow size.
  • BUT it fits but standard/narrow and wide traveler’s notebook inserts. So you have choices!!!
  • Comes with pockets, card slots, and a stitched pen loop. The slit pocket along the back would be perfect for those refrigerator notepads.
  • Sturdy construction for being imitation leather. Perfect for Vegans or those opposed/sensitive to leather products.
  • Loved that I could get a TN with lots of pockets for under $50. Yes, it being imitation leather does make it cheaper, but I also loved being able to use a coupon on it at a Super Joann’s.


  • Not easy to find in Joann’s stores. The bigger Joann’s may have them, but the smaller stores do not. You can get them off the Webster’s website and possibly Amazon.
  • Not a fan of the little tag thing on the closing elastic. And because it has a rivet, it can’t removed easily.

Not too many cons to be honest. I don’t know what I’m going to use this TN for yet. It is not set up or anything.

Has anyone else thought that they were done buying a particular type of thing, and then you fooled yourself and bought another one? Let me know in the comments!


I was fortunate enough to get a hold of 1 of 5 Dr. Jones B6 Regular traveler’s notebooks!!!


When I first heard about the Dr. Jones leather back in the November newsletter from Chic Sparrow, I knew this would be my last traveler’s notebook. I was content with my Foxy Fix Mariana in the B6 size, and didn’t really want to get another TN just to have another B6 size.

I love Indiana Jones and the idea that this TN was inspired by him…yeah, it was going to be mine. My husband planned on it being a Christmas gift, but sadly it wasn’t available for sale in time.

By the time, the Dr. Jones leather was going to be released by Chic Sparrow, they had readjusted the sizing so that it would only be available in the B6 Slim. This was devastating news to me, since going down to the slim just wasn’t worth it to me. I would have been losing an inch off my inserts.

Then the lovely Ruth, from Chic Sparrow, posted on their Facebook page, that they had 5 Dr. Jones B6 Regulars available. She gave some instructions, and I was able to snag one!!!

 Isn’t he handsome?

Pocket can hold a Samsung Galaxy 6 and 7

He’s become my EDC (everyday carry) and the Marina is being given a break right now. He smells delicious and the leather has such a lovely texture. There is not pen loop, it wasn’t even an option. The outside pocket is nice. I like that pocket style better than the interior pockets, but that’s just me.

I’m not really sure why the B6 Slim became preferred over the B6 Regular. In my opinion, the Regular size is stable and could work.

Now to go play with it and set it up!


This is my third knitting podcast video: Knitting Notes & Mini Skeins!!! Enjoy!


TwinMommyCreations (My friend Ann’s shop)


Brew City Yarns


Previous blog post about my Knitting Insert in my Traveler’s Notebook




My blog posts have their own notebook in my traveler’s notebook system. Big surprise, right? I see posts on the various TN FB groups about getting organized for your blog, etc. While there are some pre-done inserts available on ETSY, I prefer a more free form approach. Here’s a walk-thru of my Blogging Notebook.

I don’t have a Table of Contents or Index, like my Collections notebooks. I start out with a couple of pages for BPIs (Blog Post Ideas), then I started a post immediately (Mel’s Travel Flex), when I should have set up my Completion Charts—whoops!

BPI Lists



Completion Charts.

Highlighted = complete.




These charts help keep me on track of what needs to be done for each post. The letters stand for: Written, Typed, Pictures, Video, Compiled?, Posted. 99% of the time I handwrite my posts in the notebook, but some are written on the computer. Despite starting to do my writing on the computer, I still like having a notebook dedicated to blogging because it is a great way to jot down post notes, video needs, and picture needs.

Here’s a peak at the posts themselves:

My notes for the TN Insert Statistics post:


The handwritten version of this blog post!

See how much has been added!


Spacing between my Completion Charts


How much more I have to go in this insert.

Roughly half-way through.


I also keep an On Deck list of posts that have been compiled and ready to be posted, just in case I don’t have a set post up and ready on my Editorial Calendar, in the Collections notebook.

On Deck List


Editorial Calendar set up


Once this insert is filled up, I’ll be adding a notebook to my B6 EDC. I’ve already experimented with hole punching B6 inserts so I can have my ideal set up. As much fun as having a single bound notebook is, I’ve been keeping my hand-written blog posts in a binder long before I started using Traveler’s Notebooks. And I’d like to continue that.

YouTube video link:

How do y’all stay organized for your blog?

© Cori Large 23 June 2016


When I started using a Traveler’s Notebook, I knew I wanted a Bullet Journal-style collections section, but it was going to have to be a separate notebook. I started one in the Chic Sparrow Wide TN (“Collections”), and have been working on filling it up.

It’s taken me longer to fill up the first notebook than I initially thought it would to be honest. I’m currently up to page 78 of 99 in Collections #1, so it won’t be too much longer. Also, Collections #1 is more for long-term lists.

Cover of my 1st Collections Notebook20160821_145147

Table of Contents


Ran out of room on the TOC, so I started an Index in the back.


Blog Posts on Deck list

If I have multiple posts ready to go, I put them here so I have a reminder.


List of Blog pictures and videos needed.

This is really handy, since I batch sessions of filming and taking pictures.


My Bucket List, which is an upcoming post.


My Blog Editorial Calendar set up


During #onebookJuly2016, I did add a second collections notebook to the CS Maverick TN I was using, with the idea of it being for more short-term / temporary lists.

2nd Collections notebook


Very messy Table of Contents


I left the next two pages blank as well, for the Table of Contents to continue.

An example of my Running To Do list


Blog Post Ideas list


Other Collections pages, where I noted things that would need to be transferred post-#onebookJuly2016. I still haven’t done that…shame on me.


This post was originally written June 23. It’s now Sept. 21. I still have not finished the first Collections notebook. I think I’m on page 83 or 85.

YouTube video link:

If you have long term lists, how do you keep track of them? Phone app? Loose-leaf paper? Post-its everywhere?

© Cori Large 23 June 2016


Alright, people, #onebookJuly2016 is over and I get to play with all of my traveler’s notebooks again! I’ve reset and reorganized them since I have a new one (Foxy Fix LP#5).

From smallest to largest:


ZLYC Passport: story ideas insert, brain dump insert, and temporary lists insert.


Fabric Dori: gardening insert, homesteading insert, and book notes insert.


Foxy Fix Marina Le Petit #5: empty notebook, The Master To Do List, and Projects insert.

20160821_150530 20160821_150538


ZLYC Narrow: Yellow Paper House’s 2016 Monthly booklet, kraft folder, 31 day journaling booklet, and a daily notebook for my daily set ups.


Chic Sparrow Maverick: Collections #1, Collections #2, Knitting Notes, blank notebook, and Blogging notebook.

The wonderful things about TNs is that I can change things out and around on a whim, a lot easier than when I was in rings.

I carry the ZLYC passport and narrow with me. The Foxy Fix may come with me occasionally, but it depends on the day. And the Fabric Dori and the Maverick stay at home.

YouTube link:

What’s everyone else using to stay organized?

© Cori Large 6 August 2016


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