Mead Flex Binder as a Travel Notebook!

If you’re a regular subscriber to my blog, you’re not doubt familiar with my love of the Mead Flex binders.

I’ve come up with another potential use: travel notebook.

One flexible, refillable binder that can travel the world with you.

Some people like having a field notes style set up, in a thin bound notebook or one of those fancy coil bound ones, but think with me for a minute:

  • The binder is flexible.
  • The binder is refillable if you run out of paper.
  • You can rearrange entries if needed.
  • Thanks to the creation of the Mead OrganizHer book, you have size options.
  • There are small three hole punches that are light, portable, and don’t take up a lot of space.
  • And because the holes punched in the paper for the OrganizHer notebook line up with regular notebook paper, there’s no repunching and you can put these pages into its own three ring binder once you are home.

Consider your options!

© Cori Large April 28, 2015