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Part 6 in the Cori’s Planner Pieces series

And so we come to it. The proof that I am insane!

Originally mentioned in my Jotters piece <insert link>, The Master To Do List (TMTDL) is a master list of odds and ends off the To Do lists. It was started in 2008/2009. Yes, that’s right, there are items on my To Do list from the past 5-6 years.

When I finish a Jotter, I add anything I haven’t done to TMTDL. I started this file on a modified version of Microsoft Word, so the numbering doesn’t change on me when I add and delete tasks. Currently, the starting¬† number is 5 and the ending number is 564. Now that doesn’t mean there are 559 items on this list; there are 162 items waiting to be crossed off. (Yes, I did count them for this blog post.)

Some of the are notes to myself about things I may need to remember at some point. Or I may need to create a Notes to Remember page. (I’ll knit on this and get back with you.) As I eventually complete items on TMTDL, they do get crossed off and their assigned number is retired.

When a Jotter is ready to be added to TMTDL, the crossed off items on the current version are deleted and the new ones are added with fresh numbers.

I’m the only person I know who does this. Hmm….maybe I’ll start a trend. (Or I’m part of a bigger group and don’t know it. Like with Bullet Journaling.)

Here are some pictures! I blocked out sensitive information with my thumb.The Master To Do List (1) The Master To Do List (2) The Master To Do List (3) The Master To Do List (4)

I’m getting ready to go through a completed jotter, so these pictures will be obsolete by tomorrow!

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