July/August 2015 Bullet Journal Set Up

On the final day of August I get around to posting how my BuJo has been set up for the last two months.

I’m back to experimenting with Bullet Journaling in a bound journal. But unlike my March 2015 post, I think I’ve found a set up that works.

My mini flex (the Mead Shopping OrganizHer notebook), has become my monthly calendar and brain dump notebook.

I’m not using a Moleskine or a Leuchtturm notebook, which are VERY popular for Bullet Journaling. I’m once again combining the bullet journal concept with my personal journal entries.

JuneJuly 2015 BuJo set up

But, Cori, didn’t you stop using your personal journal because you were worried about privacy?

Why, yes, reader, I was. But I’ve found that I like having the ability to write randomly in my journal, as part of my daily set up.

So how is my page set up?

Left side:

*Dailies: stretching, steps, walking, Bing points, vitamins

*Work: newspapers, serials, anything else that is day-specific, takes from work to do list

*Personal/Home: errands, a few things I’d like to get done at home after work, etc.

Once the left side is filled up, I’m done. No mas. Anything else that pops into my head goes into my brain dump notebook.

Right side:

This side is left for me to do stream of consciousness, throughout the day journaling.

Now, that’s my typical layout. I don’t like to start a day on the Right because I prefer having the To Do’s on the left and my journal pages on the right. It’ just me. There are times when I do start on the right, because I also can’t stand to see paper wasted.

© June 27, 2015