Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs


When a set of remains shows up in Montreal with fingerprints matching a deceased Vietnam vet who is interred inNorth Carolina,Tempe is off to Hawaii to the JPAC center to try to straighten things out. Throw in the Sons of Samoa gang, a couple of shark attack victims, and Andrew Ryan showing up with daughter, Lilly, things are going to get interesting.


While the plot wasn’t riveting, in my opinion, I did learn a lot about JPAC and how they are working continually to bring every American solider home. As of the printing of Spider Bones, 78,000 World War II, 8100 Korean, 120 Cold War, and 1800Vietnam soldiers are waiting to come home. (Found in the back of the book.) JPAC’s motto touches me: UNTIL THEY ARE HOME.

© Cori Endicott May 2012