Ways to Save While on Vacation

When my then-fianc√© and I took a trip to New Orleans last year, and I learned some hard lessons about money while there. My mistakes ended up causing us to over spend. It didn’t ruin the vacation, but I was just disappointed with myself because of my choices.

Here are the four big lessons I learned, some may be common sense, but still:

  1. If possible, stock up on granola bars, juice boxes, and small water bottles for sightseeing to avoid impulse buying of “snacks” while sightseeing. I’m not talking about not sampling the local cuisine. Go for that! I’m talking about running into gas stations and getting food that you can get back home. If you’re flying out to your destination, hit a grocery store to get previsions.
  1. If you are going to sample the local cuisine, when you’re at restaurants, see if appetizer platters offer tastes, and get a couple of those. You’ll usually get more food for the same amount of money.
  1. Check out local coupon books and pamphlets in the lobby of where ever you are staying. Don’t be afraid to use a coupon. In the economy, we all need as much help as we can get.
  1. Lastly, and this is where I learned the biggest lesson: Really consider who you are purchasing souvenirs for. This ate up a lot money and I regretted the promises I had made.

© Cori Large March 24, 2013