Standardizing Planner Ring Numbers

In my research into what planners are on the market, one thing that stood out in the ring bound planner world. There are a number of choices to the number and size of rings available to you, depending on the make and model of the planner in question.

DayTimer and Franklin Covey lean towards the 6 or 7 ring layouts, where the inserts are more or less interchangeable.



Unless you get the Desk Size, and then the ring layout gets complicated.


Filofax and Kikki K also use a 6 ring format, but theirs are group in a 3-3 layout.



(This isn’t a Filofax or Kikki K, but it has the format I’m describing.)

The 3 ring layouts are more typically found in the smaller size binders that can hold 5 1/2” x 8 ½” paper.


There is also a ring bound planner that has 2 rings, but I don’t know much about this one, so I’m not going to comment on it.

Now that you have some background information, here is my point: I feel there should be a standardization of the number of rings in planners, that way all inserts are interchangeable. It seems to be a common compliant that I’ve heard on YouTube.

I am of the opinion that all planners should have 3 rings, no matter the size. There are three hold punches that can adjust paper size. The size of the rings will depend on the size of the planner in question, i.e. a desk size planner (holds 8 ½” x 11” paper) needs bigger rings than a pocket size planner.

However, if they are not going to standardize the number of rings, and I suspect they are not…then could they please make it easier to find the hole punches? I have a pocket sized 6 ring planner that I’m trying to convert into either a wallet or a refillable mini notebook. I had to go buy a single hole punch and pray I never lose the plastic bookmark that acts as my punch guide. (If anyone knows where I’m able to find a hold punch for the planner pictured below, please leave a comment with the information.)


© Cori Large April 5, 2015