Pen Case Tour April 2019

The last two years in the Planner Addict World have had some pretty interesting trends happen. Some of which I have participated in, some I haven’t.

Things I Do:

  1. Color code

Bless those who only need 1 color. Or can use multiple colors, but don’t have to color code. A single color will cause everything to blend together. Too many colors, that are unassigned, results in a chaotic migraine. I have 7 colors: black = general; blue = work; green = inside the house / husband; pink = outside the house / homesteading; purple = knitting, crafting, side hustles; teal = writing; and red = crossing or checking off tasks.

2. Post Its!!!

I love Post Its. I think they’re one of the best inventions of all time. And when I say Post Its, I do mean the brand. Those cheap Target Dollar Spot things either don’t stick or stick so well that I tear them trying to peel them off. Waste of money for me.

3. Repurpose My Inserts

I’m all about using up what I have. When the Passion Planner stopped working for me (because of the size), I took some old 2015 Franklin Covey Blooms inserts and customized them. How? The binder I use is a custom made one with two rings, so the pre-punched holes didn’t line up. I also had to change the dates on them. You can see a walk thru of how is did that in here and here.

Things I Don’t Do:

  1. Use journaling cards

I don’t understand the point of them. I truly don’t. A blank page doesn’t frighten me. I have no problem spilling my guts onto paper, journaling or novel writing.

2. Fountain Pens

I own  a very nice fountain pen, but I’m terrified to use it outside the house (so what’s the point in using it with my planner) because it was my husband’s.

3. Have multiple calendars.

Yes, I have several TNs, Flex binders, and story notebooks on the go, but none of them are calendars. Like Karine Tovmassian says, have as many binders and notebooks as you want, but only ONE calendar!