Well, it’s been 1 week since I started #onebookJuly2016. Here are my thoughts so far on this challenge:

*Heavy. I forgot how heavy this Maverick TN could be.

*Loving my bullet journal insert. This will be continued.

*Missing my system pre-planner addict world…The inserts I have in the Maverick for the month mimic the set up I’ve used my whole life, except for when I was falling down the planner rabbit hole and trying to force myself into a new system. I’ve always used a brain dump notebook and a single wall calendar to stay organized. I’m kinda back to doing that now.

*As lovely as my colletto pen is (Thank you again, Canyon!), I’m burning through ink so quickly! I do have refills, but if I run out of them, I’m switching pens for the rest of the month.

*Piccadilly insert doesn’t lay flat like my daily insert did. Needs binder clips.

*Wasn’t using the Brain Dump/Random Writings notebook at all at first, but once I filled up the Musings and Brain Dump pages in my Collections #2 notebook, I started using the first one.

*Weekly insert helps me see an overview of what my week looks like, but I don’t use it very much.

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/5yVMo7Kd_V8


CC Raika & RG (3)

This past December I decided to give my RG a break and use my Raika for awhile. I switched over to my Raika. I used it the week of Christmas. Here are some thoughts I jotted down while using the Raika for the first time:

  • The Raika doesn’t hold as many pens as my RG. Two pens vs. four.
  • The RG has more storage space and pockets, even when you take into account the half-sheet sleeve in the back of the Raika.
  • The Raika does have the half-sheet pocket that the RG doesn’t have.
  • The RG is mushier and nicer to feel than the all leather Raika.
  • Raika’s Bone color just doesn’t POP, compared to the Rose Gold color.
  • The rings are the same size.
  • Three days in (12-22-2015) and I really wish I had my RG back. Not enjoying this Containment Unit. And no it’s not because I’m still getting used to it. May sell it.
  • The evening we got back from our Christmas trip I switched back into my RG.

As of this post going live (2-8-2016), it is up for sale in several Planner Facebook groups.

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/GRcCLtrfHho

© Cori Large 1-5-2016

CC Raika & RG (1) CC Raika & RG (2) CC Raika & RG (3) CC Raika & RG (4)


FC Sierra

It hit me the other day that one year ago, I was using a Franklin Covey Sierra Classic Size with 1.5 inch rings. Since then my planner journey has been all over the place. After discovering the Planner Addict World on YouTube and Facebook, I tried making my own inserts for the Sierra because I wasn’t happy with the Blooms WO2P inserts I had gotten for 2015. I then made some Folio size inserts (8.5” x 11”) and tried using one of my flex binders as a planner. You can read about that here and watch the YouTube video here. This one was actually pretty nice. If I ever decide to go back to a full size planner, I think I’ll use my own creation. These posts and several other early related blog posts can be read in the Planner Pieces Series here.

IMG_1264 Current Journal Next Journal

Then I found the Mini Flex (aka the Mead Shopping OrganizHer notebook). I tried using that as a planner and then as a bullet journal. Then I tried Bullet Journaling in bound notebooks on and off from April to July. I really liked the Bullet Journaling system over the summer, when I have less going on.

Rose Gold Personal  (4)

When the school year gearing up in August, I switched back to a ringed planner. I purchased a Day-Timer portable size Rose Gold Malibu and have been using it ever since.

During the year, I have acquired and resold different types of planner containment units. All in the hope of finding that elusive Planner Peace. I won’t say I’ve achieved it and haven’t given up either, but I’m not in such a rush to trade out containment units as I was.

I would not have guessed this is where I would be planner-wise a year ago. If anyone’s interested, the YouTube video that started it all was My Purpley Life’s video. Jennifer started it all. My decent into madness!

If you’re a member of the planner addict world, how has your journey gone? Please share in the comments.


My Journey to Find Planner Peace

*This is a long one!*

This post is about the journey I’ve taken to find Planner Peace. And what is Planner Peace? It is a term I first heard when I discovered a Facebook group by the same name. The group’s description states: “What we are: a place to discuss in depth what is working and what is not, with respect to ‘planner peace.’”


I have been a sort of Planner Crisis for about two years now. If you recall in my post Cori’s Planner Review, I switched things up quite a bit trying to figure out what I truly wanted.

Well, I started jotted down what I thought I would like and during 2015 made notes about what I wanted out of my planner.

Here is my journey:

December 27, 2014

(Okay, my journey started before 2015.)

  • Definitely need month at a glance.
  • Maybe get undated week at a glance pages for really busy weeks.
  • Want more a Project Management book, but without the big binder; maybe one of those smaller three ring binders.
  • I like the idea of daily tasks chart Weekly Layout 1
  • If I want to design my own inserts, use Philip’s AutoCAD program

January 7, 2015

Went a little nutso and printed out two of the weekly layouts I had made up, as well as manipulated the free Passion Planner ® pdf to do what I wanted.

Set up all of them for this week (Jan 5-11) to see which one I liked more. Passion Planner ® started to win out, but after chatting with a friend about my craziness, I calmed down. Passion Planner ® isn’t off the table completely. I fell in love with the concept in November 2014, but I had already bought my 2015 inserts.

After only a week of using the Franklin Covey ® Blooms columnar inserts, I was becoming frustrated by the small spaces in the Daily Tasks columns. While chatting with the same friend as before, I came up with two solutions:

  • Use the Sharpie pens, because they have fine point tips.
  • White out the Daily Tasks headings and write my own headings.

Calm has been restored for the time being.

January 12, 2015

Calm only lasts so long before my mind starts going a million miles an hour again. I’ve actually been journaling for the past four days, and have had some very introspective entries. The latest of which reflected that I’ve been trying to reinvent the wheel and wasting money doing it. In reality, the only containment unit I am truly content with is the Mead ® Flex binder. I believe my true problem has been my dissatisfaction with inserts. So I started designing my own inserts. Being summoned to bed, I’ll explain more later.

January 15, 2015

So two nights ago I sat down and turned my pink Mead Flex binder into a planner. Actually it’s more of a project manager with my calendar in it. I’m really hoping this one sticks. My FC Sierra is still set up, but I’m not using it for the time being. I have a whole other blog post ready to be written about it. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Calm has been restored for the time being.

Mead Flex

January 31, 2015

Still loving my set up. Even fixed up another flex binder for work! I think the only thing that could be any better is if there was a small one that took 5 ½” x 8 ½” paper.

February 3, 2015

While I was perusing the Mead website, I came across the Mead Shopping OrganizHer notebook. IT’S A SMALLER VERSION OF THE FLEX BINDER!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! But it only has two rings. I ordered one of course, and it’ll be here in 7-10 days. Philip is very spatially minded and he believes that the rings are spaced the same way the top two rings are on a full size Flex binder. I’ll know more when it arrives. I’m very excited!!! At this moment, I have no plans to downsize again because I like having lots of writing room. I’m more excited about finally having a smaller REFILLABLE notebook.

Mini Flex (1)

March 6, 2015

So I had this crazy notion that I should turn the mini flex (Mead Shopping OrganizHer) into my planner by putting my Franklin Covey Blooms monthly inserts into it. But I’d have to washi tape over the holes and repunch them.

I have since moved past this feeling and realized that I need the big weekly layout for work in one area and my other To Do lists. My biggest thing to remember is that I shouldn’t fill up each square like I did this week. Loving my color coding system.

March 11, 2015

Yeah, so that didn’t last. Surprise. Surprise. I’m currently experimenting with the bullet journal concepts in my current diary. Set this up Friday, March 6, in the afternoon. I started with the monthly list and my segregated to do lists (personal, CBC, writing/blog, YouTube, house). I’m still using it as a diary. I have added some weekly layout and a daily chart. I’ve drawn up two other potential set up—and just thought of a third—BRB. Okay, now that that’s sketched out…

I’m starting to wonder if my entries in this piece aren’t subconsciously spurring my changing habits just so I’ll have stuff to keep writing about…

May 29, 2015

I thought my journey to planner peace was completed. I found a smaller version of the Mead Flex Binder that I thought only existed in my dreams. But alas, for another planner came along, and all it cost me was shipping my DayTimer desk size Avalon. This new planner, Raika (brand and name I refer to her as), was the result of a swap. She will have her own introduction post soon enough.

I have had Raika for about a week now, and she has become the companion to my mini flex. The mini flex is my primary “planner” in that it fits a bigger calendar insert, is flexible, and acts mainly as my brain dump notebook. So what is Raika’s role? Her’s is the more organized one. I have my blog post chart, my knitting project charts, and book projects in there.

I’m going to end this post now, but I keep changing my mind, but one thing is clear: the Bullet Journal daily layouts work for me.

Raika 1 Raika 2

© Cori Large December 2014-May 2015

Bullet Journal Set Up for April 2015

Hi everyone!

I changed how I set up my bullet journal for April 2015. I moved it out of my diary and into my Mead Shopping OrganizHer (aka my Mini Flex).

Here’s the video link: http://youtu.be/Nr8uyllspk0


Experiment in Bullet Journaling (w/ Video!!!)

On March 6, 2015, I decided to attempt bullet journaling in my current diary. I wrote out a month at a glance bullet list that spans two pages. I use the left over room on the second page to make notes about the next month and any big reminders.

On the following six pages, I wrote out my categorized To Do lists: Personal, Crafts by Cori (my side business), Writing/Blog, YouTube ideas & notes, House stuff. My private diary pages come after that.

I realized a few days in that I missed the week at a glance layout. I had bought one of those tear-away weekly calendars at the beginning of the year. I tore off the current and following weeks and glued them onto the pages.

I recently saw in one of the Bullet Journaling Facebook groups another weekly layout. Instead of using washi tape to separate my squares, I used highlighter.

There are also daily things I want to keep tract of (exercising, doing the dishes, Bible reading), so I repurposed a chart from a weekly planner layout I had created. It is set up a daily checklist that goes by the week.

This is the video link where I go through my March 2015 bullet journal set up.


Of course, I have come up with some other layout ideas, but that’s another post.

© Cori Large March 6-14, 2015

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