Teal Planner FOUND!

So my ideal planner that I’ve been working on putting together has finally come to fruition!

I’ve been trying to get a steal on a teal or aqua planner for some time. I found this one at Walmart of all places.


(This was the best I could do with my house lighting and iPhone. The planner is darker in reality than this picture makes it look.)

It is a Plan Ahead brand. No ring. This one takes a spiral insert.

The front cover has a secretarial pocket with 4 card slots including an ID slot.

The back has a space for a notepad to slide in. There is also one pen loop with a magnetic closure.


(This is the true color of the planner. My lighting wasn’t cooperating with me.)




I decorated it with foil leaf stickers.


This is what I’ve been wanting to do planner- and decorating-wise for a while! I LOVE IT!

Something else I’m going to experiment with is if I cut one of my mini 3 ring binders up, can I make a ring insert for this?

Update: Monday, 9/28/15

Standard mini binder ring set is a No-Go. The rings are too big and it doesn’t close.

I’m thinking about trying with smaller rings, but unsure of how I’m going cut through the metal.

Updated: Tuesday, 9/29/15

I dug through all the binders and found one with quarter inch rings. My husband being the brilliant man he is took it to the table saw and cut on a line that I had marked. I cut down the cover part to the appropriate size and it works!!!



The rings line up just like the mini flex, so I can move paper back and forth between the two. And of course, these papers can just put into a regular binder because the holes line up.

I wanted to share the newest creation from my ADD-OCD mind. Hope you enjoyed.

© Cori Large Sept 27-30, 2015