How many out there have too much of something and feel slightly guilty about it? Shoes? Purses? Earrings? Tools? Yarn? Planners? Washi Tape? Scrapbooking supplies?

I discovered the Planner Addict World December 2015, and I haven’t climbed out of the rabbit hole yet. In my experimenting with various styles of planners and containment units, I’ve figured a few things out, but I am still tempted by all the pretties!

One night while lying in bed, my husband commented that I was thinking too loudly (an inside joke between us) and what was I thinking about. I admitted to feeling guilty about my indecisiveness in regards to what type of planner containment unit I wanted to use and how much money I was spending on trying to figure things out.

(For the records, I’ve probably only spent $150-200 and I’m buying used and re-selling when I figure out one doesn’t work for me.)

So after all that why do I feel guilty? I hate being indecisive and constantly trying new things, i.e. planner containment units, purses, etc. I KNOW! I’m a weirdo. I don’t like having too many of a particular thing because I feel like there is no point because I won’t use them all regularly.

Does that make any sense?

Is there any part of your hobby you feel slightly guilty about?

© Cori Large December 8, 2015


Ideal Day…Ideal Life

Imagine for a minute that you could spend the rest of your life doing whatever you pleased. Money was no longer a worry. What would you do?

Me? I’m a reader, writer, crafter, knitter, cook, and I love travel.

So I would most likely spend my days reading through my To Be Read List (at the time of this writing 2000+ titles) and working on my various writing projects; crafting or knitting as the desire struck me; and do my own version of Julie and Julia and cook through my cookbooks!

I also love to travel and want to see the world, so I would also be planning a couple of trips each year.

How would you spend your life if money was no longer a worry?

© Cori Large 13 sept 2015