March 2015 Meat Haul

Back Story: There’s a local meat market that does really good bulk deals. My husband and I had gotten a few of the smaller deals when we lived in our apartment, and joked that one day we were save up for Meat Deal #8.

After we moved into our house, he brought it up again. Problem. Meat Deal #8 equaled out to 120 pounds of meat products. The freezer in our refrigerator would only hold a small portion of that order, and that’s if meat was the only thing in the freezer.

So we saved up and bought a 10 cubic foot chest freezer. And a week later, I had placed the order (you need to give 24 hours’ notice) and set the pickup time for 8 am Saturday morning.

Just so everyone knows how much meat we’re dealing with, Meat Deal #8 consists of:

8 lb.s T-Bone steaks                                                                        8 lbs. Top Sirloin Steaks

8 lbs. cubed steak                                                                            8 lbs. ground beef

8 lbs. pork steaks                                                                             8 lbs. country style pork ribs

8 lbs. assorted pork chops                                                            6 lbs. Boston butt pork roast

3 lbs. rolled sausage                                                               5 lbs. chicken wings or split breasts

5 lbs. chicken drumsticks or thighs                                            5 lbs. smoked sausage

3 lbs. hot dogs                                                                                   3 lbs. bologna

3 lbs. of bacon

AND!!! 1-40 lb. box of chicken leg quarters comes FREE with Meat Deal #8.

It took about 2 hours to break everything down and repackage it in more manageable quantities. Here’s what we ended up with:

8 bags of cubed steak (2 steaks per bag)

5 pkgs of ground beef (1.75 lbs. per pkg)

7 bags of T-bone steaks (2 steaks per bag)

5 Top Sirloin steaks (individually packaged)

4 pkgs of bologna

3 bags of chicken drumsticks (5 drumsticks per bag)

12 bags of chicken leg quarters (2 legs per bag)

3 bags of chicken wings (5 wings per bag)

4 pkgs of hot dogs

5 pkgs of bacon

8 bags of boneless pork ribs (3 ribs per bag)

2-3 lb. Boston butt pork roasts (individually packaged)

7 bags of pork chops (2 chops per bag)

7 bags of pork steaks (2 steaks per bag)

5 pkgs of smoked sausage

Additional meats that are in the chest freezer, but not part of this meat haul:

1.5 lbs. ground beef

2 rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage meat

25 lbs. of boneless skinless chicken breasts

25 lbs. of chicken tenders

The whole point of this exercise is to try to buy meat twice a year. I’ve typed up a complete inventory sheet and we’ll be using that to keep track of what meat we use and enjoy eating. I do know we’ll have to supplement chicken breasts and ground beef most likely.

Here’s the video link: March 2015 Meat Haul if you’d like to see all the meat before it was broken up.

© Cori Large March 11, 2015