When I started using a Traveler’s Notebook, I knew I wanted a Bullet Journal-style collections section, but it was going to have to be a separate notebook. I started one in the Chic Sparrow Wide TN (“Collections”), and have been working on filling it up.

It’s taken me longer to fill up the first notebook than I initially thought it would to be honest. I’m currently up to page 78 of 99 in Collections #1, so it won’t be too much longer. Also, Collections #1 is more for long-term lists.

Cover of my 1st Collections Notebook20160821_145147

Table of Contents


Ran out of room on the TOC, so I started an Index in the back.


Blog Posts on Deck list

If I have multiple posts ready to go, I put them here so I have a reminder.


List of Blog pictures and videos needed.

This is really handy, since I batch sessions of filming and taking pictures.


My Bucket List, which is an upcoming post.


My Blog Editorial Calendar set up


During #onebookJuly2016, I did add a second collections notebook to the CS Maverick TN I was using, with the idea of it being for more short-term / temporary lists.

2nd Collections notebook


Very messy Table of Contents


I left the next two pages blank as well, for the Table of Contents to continue.

An example of my Running To Do list


Blog Post Ideas list


Other Collections pages, where I noted things that would need to be transferred post-#onebookJuly2016. I still haven’t done that…shame on me.


This post was originally written June 23. It’s now Sept. 21. I still have not finished the first Collections notebook. I think I’m on page 83 or 85.

YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTV6YQd5IO0

If you have long term lists, how do you keep track of them? Phone app? Loose-leaf paper? Post-its everywhere?

© Cori Large 23 June 2016


Alright, people, #onebookJuly2016 is over and I get to play with all of my traveler’s notebooks again! I’ve reset and reorganized them since I have a new one (Foxy Fix LP#5).

From smallest to largest:


ZLYC Passport: story ideas insert, brain dump insert, and temporary lists insert.


Fabric Dori: gardening insert, homesteading insert, and book notes insert.


Foxy Fix Marina Le Petit #5: empty notebook, The Master To Do List, and Projects insert.

20160821_150530 20160821_150538


ZLYC Narrow: Yellow Paper House’s 2016 Monthly booklet, kraft folder, 31 day journaling booklet, and a daily notebook for my daily set ups.


Chic Sparrow Maverick: Collections #1, Collections #2, Knitting Notes, blank notebook, and Blogging notebook.

The wonderful things about TNs is that I can change things out and around on a whim, a lot easier than when I was in rings.

I carry the ZLYC passport and narrow with me. The Foxy Fix may come with me occasionally, but it depends on the day. And the Fabric Dori and the Maverick stay at home.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lmeraUGj5w

What’s everyone else using to stay organized?

© Cori Large 6 August 2016


Congrats! You’ve made it through your Bachelor’s Degree! Now you’ve been accepted into a Master’s program. As someone who has been through the process, I would like to pass along three tips for all you new graduate students to help you (hopefully) keep your sanity and calm.


#1 Have a Personal Project Going

Have a personal project going outside your schoolwork. I know that sounds likes more work, but having something that stimulates your mind can help recharge those brain cells. Examples: journaling, crafting (knitting or crocheting), non-academic writing (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry pieces), or reading of a non-class required book or text.

#2 Exercise

Seriously. Get off your butt. Read on the treadmill or do flashcards. Play basketball. Go for a walk or run. Swim. Do something! Sitting on your butt, reading and researching, only results in a bigger butt. Ask me how I know.

#3 Set Up a Semester Master Calendar

Okay, this one probably should have been first, but oh well. Tear apart a cheap wall calendar from the dollar store. (If you like the pictures, and want the pictures, you may have to buy multiple calendars.) Tape the months to the wall, either in a horizontal or vertical fashion, one month right after the other. That way you can see your whole semester without having to flip pages.

Then fill in all important dates: due dates, holidays, school breaks, trips home, classes on what days, work schedule, study schedule, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. (Color coding is recommended.) This will give you a visual to see when and where you can take some down time or show you when you need to buckle down.

Happy studying and researching!

©Cori Large 20 July 2016


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Over the past couple of months, I’ve posted quite a bit about what non-traditional inserts are available out there for Traveler’s Notebooks. I don’t always remember to add the same information, for which I apologize, and I’d like to do another one where I give some quantitative information and measurements, information I like to have myself. Starting from the smaller sizes, I’ll be going through an listing the stats on my Traveler’s Notebook Inserts.

Quick note: I’m adding where I purchased these various notebooks. This is not a guarantee that they will be available in your area.

*Kate Spade Small Notebook*


Measurements: 4 ¼” long by 3 1/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 32 sheets, 64 pages.

Features: unlined, sewn.


Bought from: Bealls Outlet.

*Composition Book*


Measurements: 4 ½” long by 3 ¼” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 80 sheets, 160 pages.

Features: lined, sewn, cover has a space to label it.


Bought from: Wal-Mart.

*Midori-Style Passport Insert*


Measurements: 5” long x 3.5” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 32 sheets, 64 pages.

Features: this one was lined, other have blank or grid paper, kraft paper cover which can be customized, stapled.


Bought from: Came with my ZLYC Passport TN.

*Poppin Pocket Notebook*


Measurements: 4 7/8” long x 3 3/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 32 sheets, 64 pages.

Features: lined but its wide ruled, sewn, has a cover sheet for labeling.



Bought from: TJ Maxx and/or Bealls Outlet (I’ve picked them up at both stores).

*PaperCraft Notebooks*


Measurements: 5 ¼” long by 3 1/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 28 sheets, 56 pages.

Features: lined, sewn.


Bought from: Big Lots.

*Moleskine Pocket Notebooks*


Measurements: 5 ½” long by 3 1/2” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 40 sheets, 80 pages.

Features: lined, title page for labeling, I’m not sure if it’s sewn because I can’t see the threads.



Bought from: TJ Maxx.

*CaseMate Notebooks*


Measurements: 6 7/8” long by 5” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 40 sheets, 80 pages.

Features: lined but wide ruled, sewn, fits in my homemade B6 very nicely.


Bought from: Wal-Mart.

*CarolinaPad Notebooks*


Measurements: 7” long by 5” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 80 sheets, 160 pages.

Features: lined, sewn, variety of cover options.


Bought from: Wal-Mart.

*Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebooks*


Measurements: 8 ¼” long by 4 ¼” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 16 sheets, 32 pages.

Features: comes in packs of 2, one ruled-one grid, and thicker paper.



Bought from: Joann Fabrics.

*OCS Notebooks*


Measurements: 8 ¼” long by 5 5/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 40 sheets, 80 pages.

Features: interesting covers, ruled but wide ruled, comes in 3 packs.


Bought from: TJ Maxx and Mashall’s.

*Piccadilly Notebooks*


Measurements: 8 ¼” long by 5” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 50 sheets, 100 pages.

Features: sewn, ruled, back pocket, comes in 3 packs.



Bought from: Barnes and Noble.

*Punch Studio Notebooks*


Measurements: 8 3/8” long by 5 5/8” wide.

Sheets/Pages: 40 sheets, 80 pages.

Features: lined but wide ruled, stapled, variety of covers, pages have header space for a title.


Bought from: Marshall’s.

Author’s note: Keep in mind, a larger size notebook can be cut down to a smaller size. All of the bigger ones in my stash will be cut down as needed for my narrow Traveler’s Notebooks.

I hope this post was helpful! I know having this information on hand (it’ll be going in my TN) will be handy when looking for more inserts (like I need more!).

© Cori Large 19 June 2016




Two months ago, I learned that a product I love was on clearance. That product is the Mead Shopping OrganizHer notebook. I ordered 50 of them and have started to use some of them. And by some I mean 7. I have given 4 away. So I’m down to 39 still wrapped up and waiting to be used.


Here is the list of how these are being used so far:

  1. Given Away—Philip
  2. Given Away—Mom
  3. Given Away—Ann
  4. Shopping Lists & Coupons (the original intent of this product, separate post coming)
  5. Knitting & Crafting Notes
  6. Fictional Work: Theatre Troupe
  7. Fictional Work: The Ultimate Recycling Machine
  8. Fictional Work: NaNoWriMo 2015 piece
  9. Fictional Work: National TTMM
  10. Became my new EDC-refillable notebook. I retired the original one I bought a year ago, because it was starting to fall apart.
  11. Given Away-Inlaws

This is how it’s going at the moment.


YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/_hjy4oyd8wM

© Cori Large March 4, 2016




As I’m writing this, I realized I haven’t even posted the Insert Haul post from April!!! I’m so behind! [Edit: That post went up last week.] Anyways! It’s no surprise that narrow / standard size notebooks for Traveler’s Notebooks are hard to come by in local stores, prices vary online, and if you buy online, you have to wait for it to be shipped (if it’s not a digital download).

In the previous post I mentioned above, I showed some Piccadilly notebooks I had gotten on Clearance. I was in Marshall’s and once again managed to score more notebooks!!! These are not narrow sized, but I got them cheap enough that I don’t mind cutting them down to fit my Narrow TNs. I know some TN users cut Moleskine notebooks down, but Moleskine is too expensive for me.



The notebooks I got are Punch Studio brand and come in packs of 3. They measure 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches, and fit inside a Chic Sparrow Extra Wide TN (FYI). There were 4 singles (2 have already been cut down) at $2.99 each; and 13-3 packs (39 notebooks total) at $4.99 per pack. For a lovely grand total of: $76.83 before sales tax. Yes, that may be a lot of money up front, but works out to $1.79 an insert!!! *happy dance*










If you think you’re seeing double of some covers, don’t worry, you are! Some don’t like having the same cover over and over on their inserts, so my acquisition method may not suit some. That’s okay. To each their own. And if I don’t like the cover or get tire of it, I can always glue scrapbook paper cover it!

I love getting deals on products I use! Once again, I recommend checking out off-price retailers. (Off-price retailers are stores that sell brand name merchandise are discounted prices.) I love these stores!

This lot are some I’m not planning on cutting down. I’m keeping them for something special:


YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/cZwiS9Qrtd8

© Cori Large 15 May 2016


I haven’t been using traveler’s notebooks (TN) very long, but I am the type to “Go Big or Go Home.” I’ve been building an insert stash. I’d like to share with you my traveler’s notebook insert haul from April.

I’ve gotten inserts from the following stores: TJ Maxx, Big Lots, and the bookstore at USF. I also recommend looking at Ross, Marshalls, Stein Mart, and Bealls Outlet.



USF Bookstore:

I stocked up on the Piccadilly notebooks. I use them in the Wide and my Husband may start using a TN as well, and this is the size insert he likes. They were on clearance ($5.98 for a 3 pack). I eventually cleared out the Barnes & Noble stock of them!

TJ Maxx:

3 booklet set of notebooks for $4.99. Themes: suitcases, cameras, and lightbulbs.

2 booklet set of Moleskine pocket sized notebooks in purple for $2.99.

3 booklet set of Poppin pocket sized notebooks in Lime Green (Tinker Bell green to me) for $2.99.

Big Lots:

OMG! I hit the mother load here!

3 booklet set of pocket sized notebooks for $1.50 each!!!

I cleared the shelf! I’ve picked some of these up at Big Lots before, but in my experience with Big Lots is I may not always be able to find something I’ve seen there before because the inventory can be random. I’m very happy to have found a stockpile for cheap!

I encourage all those who use Traveler’s Notebooks to give this outlet-type stores a chance. There’s nothing wrong with buying off ETSY or Amazon or other websites, but you may be able to find decent inserts in your area for less money than buying online.

Total # of inserts:             29 booklets

Total cost:                           $21.47

Cost per insert:                 $0.74 per insert!!!

I love cheap inserts!

YouTube Video link: https://youtu.be/kQO7uimqzzY

© Cori Large 4/17-18/2016


It’s back!!! My wonderful Chic Sparrow Maverick in Golden Brown is finally back in my hands! Hubby let me open my birthday present two days early, so I had the whole weekend to play with it and set it up.


Recap: Chic Sparrow Narrow / Standard size Maverick Deluxe (has pockets) in the Golden Brown color, with 2 pen loops.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I was becoming paranoid that I might now like it because of how long we’d been apart.

So here’s my set up:

Yellow Paper House 2016 Monthly Booklet


Booklet of Daily pages, a month’s worth—my own design


Three empty notebooks: 1 cut down Piccadilly that’s become another Collections book, and a set of the Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook inserts.




With all these inserts, he’s very much a “Chunky Monkey” to use Jennifer Harvey’s (Owner and Creator of Chic Sparrow) phrase.



In my pen loops, I’ve got a red calligraphy marker/pen and in the other one, I have my black sharpie pen.

I had forgotten how bulky and heavy the leather was! Even rewatching my own unboxing video didn’t help. The ZLYC leather I had been using was much much thinner and I could only fit 3, maybe 4, notebooks in it. And even then, the ZLYC was not as chunky as my Maverick. So I’m going to have to get used to the weight of this one. I’ve been smelling it a lot (fellow Sparrow owners know what I mean).

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/l3wGd1g-_ac

© Cori Large 15 May 2016


When you come across an article on the internet, but you don’t have time to read it, what are your storage options so you can access this article again at a later date? If your first thoughts were Save as a Bookmark, Download to My Computer, and/or Print It Off, I’m going to share with you three other options you can use to keep track of interesting articles and websites.

I use a mix of all three of the below suggestions, depending on the part of my life the article pertains to.

If you don’t want to wrangle a million bookmarks or digital clutter or waste paper and ink/toner, here are my suggestions:

  • Formal Citations (with the Academic in mind)

If you’re looking up many articles for research papers, dissertations, theses, or other professional work, having formal citations handy for your paper is a must. I have a Word document where I save citations from Professional Journals in my field of articles I may want to refer to later. I do categorize these citations: Bibilomania, Collection Development, Library Career Expectations & Outlook, etc. The categories are alphabetized for easy location.

Formal Citations

  • Excel or Word document with Links

I use this set up for my Monthly Blog Links posts. Again, there are categories I save links under, but instead of using formal citations, I use the article title followed by the hyperlink.

Blog Links

In the Excel spreadsheet, it’s the same idea, but I added two more columns: Read? Review? These columns are incomplete at this time

Blog Links Excel

  • Pinterest

When I first got started on Pinterest, I was saving whatever I wanted to read under a designated board. We all do right? Well, when I went back to read the pinned article, I had a difficult time finding it. So I created a board To Be Read and moved all appropriate pins to that board. Once I’ve read it, if I want to keep it, I repin the post on the appropriate board. If I don’t want to save it, I just delete the pin. It has helped me keep better track of what pins I want to read and I don’t waste time searching through all my boards.

pinterest 2

I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the Comment section below.

© Cori Large March 6, 2016


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