Needed to take a break from knitting squares for Eric’s Blanket. Decided to work on a “Me” Project, so I picked up the Mini Skein 10 Stitch Blanket again.


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Camo 10 Stitch Blanket


It’s been a few weeks since my last video. Having more time between videos equals more progress to show off. I may go to every other week videos.


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Welcome to Episode 11: Cotton Clearance Find! In this podcast video, I show off progress on my 10 stitch blankets AND the wonder clearance find I came across!


Now, I’ve come across cotton yarn when it’s been on clearance at Walmart before. However, I’m usually late to the game and other knitters have gotten most of the yarn before I get there.

So I usually end up with 5-6 balls of cotton. Not this time!

I ended up getting 17 balls myself, and when I told a friend I’d used a gift card she’d given me to pay for most of it, she said she’d keep an eye out at her Walmart. She found me 5 more balls!

22 balls of cotton! WHOO!

10 Balls ~ Peaches & Cream Fruit Explosion (it’s the exact same colorway as the Bernat Fruit Explosion)

5 Balls ~ Peaches & Cream Bright Chartreuse (Same at the Bernat Bright Green [not Key Lime])

4 Balls ~ Peaches & Cream Ahoy Ombre (Same as the Sugar & Creme colorway I have on a cone)

2 Balls ~ Peaches & Cream Candy Sprinkles

1 Ball ~ Fruit Punch

All of the colors I have in balls as well as cones or skeins I will be adding them all together eventually when I work on them. And since I’m currently working on the Bernat Fruit Explosion, if I can, I will be adding it in once I’m finished with the coned up yarn.

It’s starting to get crazy how much cotton I’m finding on clearance recently, since I’m not buying any cotton that’s not on clearance.

10 Stitch Blankets

Not much progress on the Mini Skein 10 Stitch Blanket. I’m still on the red Bon Bon. I have worked out what the next 4 Bon Bon order will be: Black, Yellow, Lilac, and Teal.

On the Scrappy 10 Stitch Wrap, I have turned the first corner, and put on 60 rows this week. That 60 includes the 34 rows that it takes to knit a mitered corner.

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Where did the week go? Episode 8 March Finished Objects is here! It seems like only yesterday, not a week ago, that I was sharing my knitting plans for my Spring Break.

Now, I did get a lot of knitting done, as well as a bunch of house projects, but I’m not ready for Spring Break to be over. Is anyone really?


So what did I get done this past week and what did I finish this month?

Finished Objects

Bernat Mango Madness Dishcloths: 10.

(I have a the rest of the week to finish out the cone, so I’m confident that I will get all of this yarn knit up in March. This was also part of my March Goals for the month.)

Pieces Afghan Squares: 7

Since my little brother moved into his new house, I’m considering taking all the pieces I have so far and sewing them together to make a blanket for him. Haven’t fully decided on this yet.

Scrappy Wrap

After a month-long break from my Scrappy 10 Stitch Wrap, I got it back out for Spring Break. I managed to add 100 rows to my wrap! It equaled out to almost two and a half feet added on the stripe. I still have so much more to go on this side before I reach the corner.

Mini Skein 10 Stitch Blanket

I’m officially done with knitting up Ann’s samples! Not gonna lie. Those samples were tough at times. I’ve opened up my first package of Lion Brand Bon Bons, Beach colors. The blue, OMG y’all, the first Bon Bon of that blue! I love this color soooooo much! I’ve knitted almost all the blue, and have tied in the next Bon Bon (orange).

I was shocked when I took out the first Bon Bon. It’s so DENSE! I don’t know what I was expecting exactly. The label does say each Bon Bon is 28 yards, but that doesn’t really mean much for me.

Other Stuff I’ve Been Working On

I’ve make some necklaces: fall leaf necklace and cooking charmed necklace.

I attempted to fix my mom’s favorite necklace that broke. I made it too short, so I need to redo it.

I’ve spoken about in my Goals blog posts and videos my Bobbin Lace workbook. I actually got to work on it this month. If there’s any interest, I’d love to show off my pillow and current project on the podcast.

What has everyone else been working on?


Well, I officially started it. The Mini Skein 10 Stitch Blanket it underway. The video below has more information about it.


Mini Skein 10 Stitch

I started out with US 3 / 3.25 mm double pointed needles (DPNs). I will be adjusting and changing needle sizes if necessary.

The first bit of yarn I used was all the samples from Ann, TwinMommyCreations, had given me over the years. Those were not easy to knit up if I’m honest. I don’t normally use needles that small.

Mini Skein Unwinder

I do not own a swift. My plan to go over to my friend Ann’s studio and use her’s hasn’t happened yet. But I was getting impatient and wanted to get Ann’s Rainbow Mini Skeins balled or caked up. My husband made me this:

It’s a piece a scrap PT wood with some concrete anchor screws in it. I’m able to loop a mini skein around it so I can then cake it up or ball it up myself. It’s not perfect, but it works.

Lion Brand Bon Bons

(This part I actually forgot to mention in the video. Oops!)

I had mentioned in last week’s podcast, that I would be exchanging a duplicate package of the Lion Brand Bon Bons for a different color set. I had had two packages of the Nature color. When I went to Joann’s on Tuesday to exchange them, I wasn’t allowed a flat exchange. I was able to return the second package, but because the 50% of coupon I had used on Sunday was now expired, I wasn’t getting the new package at half price.

Needless to say, I was not happy about this and ended up leaving without a new package of Bon Bons. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait for the next time I have some 50% off coupons.


Welcome to the first official episode of my knitting podcast: Craft Room & Upcoming Projects. I enjoyed filming my longer-than-normal monthly knits video a few weeks ago, so I decided to start a knitting podcast series.

Now, I will not be making a separate channel for this podcast. The Talesfromapolkcountygirl YouTube channel will have knitting videos, planner videos, and videos on whatever else I decide to film. I aim to film one knitting video a week, showing off progress updates, new yarns, stash collection, and once a month (in my Monthly Knits post) all my finished objects for the month. At this time, there is no Ravelry group for this podcast. I’m not going to make a firm decision either way just yet on whether or not to start one.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this “official” first episode of my knitting podcast, coming to you from my craft room!


If you’d like to find me on Ravelry, my name is craftsbycori. I do participate in other knitting podcast groups, but don’t have much on my own project page. Some of the other podcasts I’ve been inspired by are: The Knitting Broomstick, Yarn Hoarder, The Crazy Sock Lady, Tea & Possibilities, YarnThiry, and Junk Yarn. If you haven’t checked out these podcasts, I encourage you to.


2016 was the first year I’ve ever kept a running log of what I’ve been knitting. I knew I knit many items last year, but off the top of my head I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the accurate numbers.

Baby Blankets: 10

Bernat Plum Chutney (4)

Bernat Little Royals (4)

Bernat Little Petunias (1)

Bernat Little Roses (1)

Bernat Pumpkin Spice (1)

Dishcloths: 76 (WOW!!!)

Bernat Freshly Pressed (12)

Bernat Port or Red Licorice (20)

Bernat Mango Madness (21)

Bernat Bluebell (9)

Bernat Freshly Squeezed (11)

Bernat Berry Blast (3)

Scrubbies: 13

Bernat Freshly Pressed (1)

Bernat Port or Red Licorice (3)

Bernat Mango Madness (2)

Bernat Bluebell (5)

Bernat Freshly Sqeezed (2)

Luxury Face Cloths: 9

Bernat Pipsqueak Sunny Days (9)

This product line has now been discontinued. The yarn was not fun to knit with and shed horribly.

Personal Projects:

Grandma Jean’s wrap

Frankie Brown 10 Stitch Blanket (original pattern) in Camouflage

2017 look ahead:

I’m removing the baby blanket product line because they’re not selling, and I still have plenty of them. If they become popular, I may start making them again, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I’m very impressed with the number of dishcloths I made. Without the baby blankets taking up valuable knitting time, I expect to knit over 100 dishcloths this year. Personal projects for the year? Not sure yet. I have plenty listed in my Knitting TN Insert, and several more have popped into my head as well. Maybe I’ll make some headbands or cowls from the fancy yarns I brought back from England.

If you craft, do you have any goals for yourself this year? And if you don’t craft, do you think you’ll start or is there one you’re interested in?

© Cori Large 21 January 2017


To recap, I first wrote about the Frankie Brown Camouflage 10 Stitch Blanket in this blog post. If you haven’t read that post, I suggest you stop and go read it before continuing. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Done? Okay, I put the FB camo blanket down for the first-time June 2015 to focus on creating craft show inventory at the time. I did pick it back up briefly in September 2016, only to put it down again after a few rows to go back to creating craft show inventory.

Only once the 2016 craft show season was over, did this blanket become my sole focus and main project (11/11/2016). I was in the middle of Magic Yarn Ball #8-B.

Magic Yarn Ball #8-B

Ball Completed: 11/11/2016.

Measurements: 41 inches long x 45 inches wide.

Magic Yarn Ball #9

King Size Bed for reference

Ball Started: 11/12/2016.

Ball Completed:11/24/2016.

Measurements: 42 inches long x 46 inches wide.

Magic Yarn Ball #10

Queen Size Bed for reference.

Ball Started: 11/24/2016.

Ball Completed: 12/8/2016.

Measurements: 43 ½ inches long x 47 inches wide.

Magic Yarn Ball #11

King Size Bed for reference.

Ball Started: 12/8/2016.

Ball Completed: 12/14/2016.

Measurements: 45 ½ inches long x 48 inches wide.

Magic Yarn Ball #12

Queen Size bed for reference.

Ball Started: 12/14/2016.

Ball Completed: 12/25/2016.

Measurements: 47 ½ inches long x 51 ½ inches wide.

Now, I should tell you that I had a self-determined goal to finish this blanket by Christmas Day. Alas, I did not. Magic Yarn Ball #13 was tied on Christmas Day, but it wasn’t until the next day that I finished this blanket. Being a day late in finishing wasn’t such a big deal.

Magic Yarn Ball #13

My husband is holding the blanket, and he’s 6’4″.

Ball Started: 12/25/2016.

Ball Completed: 12/26/2016.

Measurements: 52 inches long x 52 inches wide!!!

I literally knit all day December 26, in order to finish that blanket. This blanket was a great learning experience in terms of learning mitered corners and using progress keepers. I’m giving my hands and wrists a rest before the New Year starts and I’m off creating craft show inventory once again.

If you’d like to knit this blanket, the pattern can be found on

© Cori Large 11/11-12/26/2016


Like most crafters, I like to plan out future projects in my head—long before I’ll ever get around to making them. I’d like to share with you some of the future knitting projects I have rolling around in my head.

I have a thing for afghans. I’m currently working on a Frankie Brown 10 Stitch blanket, in camo/greens/browns.

After this one, my second afghan will be the same pattern, but different colors. I had started making a scrap-ghan years ago, but didn’t like how the colors were coming out. My first mention of this project is in this blog post.




I’m really looking forward to knitting this one. Hence it’s the only one with any pictures attached to it.

The third afghan I have designed (in my head) is what I call my mixed media afghan. The concept of mixed media is using more than one medium to create a piece of art: acrylic paint, water colors, pastels, fabrics, papers, etc. When it comes to this afghan, mixed media to me = mixed stitches.

I have the pattern scheme sketched out, but I still need to do my gauge. And I won’t be doing the gauge until I’m ready to sit down and knit this one.

The stitches will be done in panels, but not separately. This will be one continuous blanket. The stitch patterns are garter stitch, stockingnette, basketweave, purl, moss, and any others I add.

The 4th and 5th afghans are the same style, but different color schemes. They are what I call Pieces Afghans. The pieces for this project are my on-the-go knitting that I take in the car. I will eventually sew these pieces together to make into a blanket. This is also my knitted version of the Granny Square Afghan.

The 4th afghan is made from scrap acrylic yarn. All colors and yarn weights. The pattern is my scrubbie pattern. The 5th afghan is the same pattern, but with a specific color scheme: aqua/bright blue and copper/rose gold. I’m slowly collecting information on makes/models/colors of the yarns I feel will be wonderful for this afghan. I have awhile before it will be time for this one.

So these are personal projects I work on or plan to work on when I need a break. What are some knitting or crafting projects you’re hoping to get to one day?

© Cori Large 4/15/2016


I’ve been wanting to knit a blanket where I start in the middle, and knit ‘round and ‘round until I’m ready to end it. I’m not an advanced knitter, nor do I crochet, and making my own patterns up is hit and miss. I was on, browsing afghan patterns, and found the Frankie Brown 10 Stitch patterns. They were EXACTLY what I wanted! I chose the rectangle pattern, but there are others: zig zag, twist, triangle, a double 10 stitch, and corner.

She offers the patterns for free, just asking for donations to a children’s liver charity if you enjoy them.

This is a personal project for me that I work on as a pallet cleanser when I’m tired of making craft show inventory.

Here is my progress so far:

1st little bit of yarn:

I was using some old, nasty feeling Peaches and Cream cotton yarn in the color Camel. Admittedly, I messed up the first couple of corners because I didn’t know what I was doing. Hate the feeling of the yarn SOOOOO MUCH I couldn’t bring myself to frog it and redo it.

FB Camo 1

2nd little bit of yarn:

Once I had moved on to standard acrylic, I got better at the mittered corners.

FB Camo 2

3rd bit of yarn:

I didn’t calculate how much yarn I was using at the time. At this point, I took what yarns I was going to use in this blanket and start making smaller balls out of the colors.

FB Camo 3

4th yarn ball:

I then tied all the small balls together in a random order, hoping to make up random stripes for this blanket. So I really have no idea what this thing is going to look like when it’s done.

FB Camo 4

5th yarn ball:

As you can see, sometimes the random yarn balls still ended up giving me camo on camo stripes.

FB Camo 5

6th yarn ball:

This picture was taken after I had finished knitting the 6th random yarn ball. It’s only now I could start to see how it was coming out.

FB Camo 6

7th ball of yarn:

I’m really impressed on how it’s coming out. For a size comparison, that’s a Nokia Lumia cell phone. It’s about 6 inches long.

FB Camo 7

8th ball of yarn:

I haven’t done much with this blanket since this picture was taken. For a size comparison, it’s on a queen size bed in our guest room. (We leave the guest bed unmade, so the sheets don’t get dusty.)

FB Camo 8a

FB Camo 8b

I hope that I can make it big enough to cover a queen size bed, but I may have to settle for something a bit smaller.

© Cori Large 4/8/2016


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