PWM #2 3/18-24/2019

I was asked a couple of sizing questions from a viewer. If I didn’t answer the question to your satisfaction, please let me know in the comments. Also, if anyone else has any other flex binder questions, please leave them below.


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Welcome to my May 2018 Goals Update video! Another month has passed, and I’m making more progress! First quarter of the years gone, and we’re coming up on the half-way point for the second quarter. Here’s a look at how I’ve been doing on my goals.


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Here’s list (with links) for the top 10 most popular videos on my Tales From a Polk County Girl YouTube channel:

  1. Mead Flex Binder Collection Update (October 2015) (1,927 views)
  2. Mead Flex Binder Product Review (1,157 views)
  3. New to Me: Chic Sparrow Wide Creme Brulee (1,026 views)
  4. Chic Sparrow Dr. Jones B6 Regular Traveler’s Notebook (906 views)
  5. Passion Planner March 2017 Flip Thru (695 views)
  6. Everything Binder Set Up (539 views)
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  8. Customizing a Flex Binder (450 views)
  9. How to Make a Progress Keeper or a Planner Charm (385 views)
  10. Passion Planner April 2017 Flip Thru (381 views)

Other Interesting YT 2017 stats:

Total watch time: 43, 173 minutes.

Total views: 17, 576 views.

Total Likes: 283.

Total Dislikes: 20.

Total Comments: 94.

Total Shares: 80.

# Playlist saves: 313.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my YouTube channel, check it out! I film videos about the different planner systems I try out, Flex binders, books I read, and generally anything I feel like talking about.


In this video, I’m showing off my Work Planner in a black Mead Flex Binder (surprise, right?) Enjoy!



Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Another Flex Binder experiment I created was one in a B6 size.


B6 = 7 inches long x 5 inches wide

My cover measures 7 1/4 inches long x 6 inches wide.

All the paper comes from 7×5 cheap notebooks from Walmart.

I’ll be taking this one with me when I travel in case the plot bunnies attack!


Here are my top 10 most popular videos I’ve filmed and posted on YouTube.

  1. Bullet Journal Set up July 2015
  2. Mead Flex Binder Planner March 2015
  3. April 2015 Bullet Journal Set Up
  4. Cash Envelope Wallet
  5. Franklin Covey Sierra Planner Set Up
  6. June 2015 Bullet Journal Set Up
  7. May 2015 Bullet Journal
  8. Experiment in Bullet Journaling March 2015
  9. Unboxing Video: Mead Shopping OrganizHer
  10. New to Me: Fauxdori Field Notes Aug 2015

In making this list, I’m seeing a pattern. Bullet Journaling is a very popular planning system. I still love the idea, but I need more structure than the original idea offers.

Not to push anyone to watch any of my videos (though I’d love you, if you did), #9 Unboxing Video: Mead Shopping OrganizHer video is comical IMO. My friend filmed it during a Girl’s Craft Day at my house when it showed up in the mail. It is one of the rawest videos I’ve filmed. This notebook is still one of my favorite products EVER!

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