Spin a Wicked Web by Cricket McRae


After her lover dies in a car accident, the town floozy is found strangled at the local crafting co-op. And the jilted wife seems to have an airtight alibi. When Sophie Mae, the protagonist, is asked by her detective boyfriend to use gossip to ferret out some information, she quickly gets in over her head. On top of everything else, the boyfriend’s ex keeping popping up hoping to reconcile.


Because I enjoy fiber crafts, I was hooked just on the title. The story was well written until the final confrontation between the boyfriend, the ex, and Sophie Mae, in my opinion. (Let’s just say, it’s not the way I would have handled the situation.) The murder mystery really kept me guessing from page to page. So many suspects, all with motive and opportunity.

Definitely recommend!!!

© Cori Endicott December 2011