Ideal Exercise Class

My doctor recently told me I needed to start exercising. With the way my life is right now, walking on the treadmill is the least objectionable and more convenient way for me to exercise at the moment. But the instructions got me thinking. I prefer Dancercise to actually exercise, so I came up with a program list of what I would like to see in a 1-2 hour class.

Warm Up:


Ballet moves

Broadway: choose 1-2

Dancing Queen (Mama Mia)

Voulez Vous (Mama Mia)

One (A Chorus Line)

Time Warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Hand Jive (Grease)

Spanish Panic (Once Upon a Mattress)

Jigs/Country Dances:

anything similar to River Dancing

Pride & Prejudice dances from the Meryton Assembly and the Netherfield Ball





Cha Cha Slide

Electric Slide

Cotton Eye Joe


Cool Down:

More ballet moves

I’m considering putting all these links into a playlist on my YouTube channel and actually using it as an exercise class.

Updated (6/25/15): I went ahead and created the playlist:

© Cori Large January 1, 2015