Indoor Drying Rack/Room

It didn’t take long after moving out of my parents’ house and in with my then-fiancé, now-husband to realize how expensive everything is. Groceries, household needs, rent, utilities, etc.

The utilities were the WORST!!! Mainly because they varied from month to month. Two ways we thought of to save money: no dishwasher and use a dish rack; and using our spare bathroom as an indoor drying rack. We did have a clothesline on our balcony, but Management made us take it down. You can read about that in this previous posts here and here.

Using a second bathroom as an indoor drying rack is a good way to save on the electric bill. We have since moved out of our first apartment, and the house we are renting has the space for a clothesline underneath the carport and we use the second bathroom as an indoor drying room on the days that it rains continually.

This was our second bathroom at the apartment.


This is our second bathroom at our house now. These racks also get moved out onto the pool deck for drying purposes, when it isn’t raining.

Drying Racks (2)

Drying Racks (3)

Drying Racks (1)


We also have a clothesline under the carport. This is a cool picture I got one morning. My husband’s work clothes had been on the line since the day before and the morning dew was steaming off them.

P work clothes on clothesline (1)

P work clothes on clothesline (2)

P work clothes on clothesline (3)


So even if you’re in an apartment, if you really look, you can find a way to have a clothesline. And if you don’t have one, I recommend it, especially is you live where is it sunny and hot most of the time. Why pay to use electricity to dry your clothes when Mother Nature will do it for you for free?

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Clothes Steaming on the Line

So I went out to hang up my husband’s work clothes that I washed last night. After I had hung them up, I went to get more clothes to wash. That is what weekends are for after all: Laundry!

When I walked back out under the carport, I saw them steaming!

IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0540


I’ve never seen this before and thought it was sooo cool! Hope everyone has a lovely day!

Clothesline Update #1

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about how fiancé and I put up a clothesline. My idea was that it would save us money on our electric bill. Right now I’m having to get used to only doing one load at a time. I’ve been used to getting all my laundry done in a day. Don’t have the space for that goal YET! Maybe one day.

We received our next electric bill. Unfortunately, we did not save anything. However, this can be attributed to that fact the weather dropped to the 40s and we had to turn the heater on 4 days in a row. Never again! I’ll pile all the blankets we have on the bed instead of turning the heater on.

Here’s a picture!


Now onto Month 2 with clothesline! Hopefully the weather will cooperate in more that one way (no rain, not cold) and I’ll be able to report success next time.

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