Everyone loves a good deal right? I tend to find the best deal on stationary and school supplies around October and November. Usually, my deals are on Mead Flex Binders, but this past year it was Pilot G2 gel pens.

I happen to stop into my local Walgreens for a look around, mainly looking for flex binders. But I found something much much better!

pen haul

All on clearance for about $0.35 each!!!

Color breakdown:

8 Black

5 Red

1 Maroon

2 Blue

5 Orange

3 Lilac

4 Teal

2 Pink

2 Navy Blue

10 Green

I even got to take the display so I could keep them organized!

What’s a good deal you’ve come across lately?

© Cori Large March 6, 2016


My Love of Mead Flex Binders

Over the course of several posts, I have brought up the Mead Flex Binder. I’ve been asked on Facebook about my “fascination” with them. I can only boil it down to its selling point: flexible like a spiral notebook, refillable like a binder.

It’s true! I love the fact that I can bend this “binder” back like a spiral notebook, and that I can add more paper and dividers where I need them and remove them as well. Also, the standard size three hole binder is a lot easier to work with than a seven ring binder. The standard three ring set up makes it easy and convenient to add more paper to it (another check in its favor).

I currently have 4 flex binders in use:

  • Magenta = general notebook
  • Green = writing notebook
  • Black #1 = price book (still in the works, and may have its own post at some point)
  • Black #2 = work notebook. This one stays on my desk at work. Front section has a running To Do list and Office Max list and the dividers each house notes for work related projects.

I have four backups: 2 red and 2 blue. For the record, the only two I’ve ever paid for price for (approx. $15 each) were the magenta one and a Tinker Bell green one that broke years ago. All other have been bought on Clearance! The last two I picked up on January 31. They were marked down to $2.50 and $5.00 respectively, but rang up for $1.50 each!!!

Depending on the retailer, these flex binders retail between $9.00-$15.00.

The website (www.mead.com) has a lot more options: bigger ring, zipper closure, clear pocket in the front, etc.

The website also had a product I didn’t know about: Mead Shopping Organizher, which is a two-ring smaller version. This product has its own product review post.

This is a product that I happily recommend to everyone. Try it out. If you don’t want to spend that much money on a binder, wait until after school is back in session. Around November is when I see these notebooks start hitting the clearance racks.

© Cori Large February 4, 2015.