My First Baking Book by Helen Drew

When I was a child, my mom bought me My First Baking Book by Helen Drew.

My First Baking Book (1)

I wasn’t allowed to bake by myself, so I would study the over-sized pages, taking in all the images and reading over the steps so many times I had almost memorized them.

Sadly, like many things from my childhood, it was donated during one of many clean out sessions. (Other items include my Dream Castles, Polly Pockets, and my I Dream of Jeanie magic 8 ball lamp.)

It would be many years before I would try to reclaim this particular memory. Once I decided I wanted it back, I searched online, but only came up with a new edition of the book. A much smaller edition of the book.

My First Baking Book (3)

I was disappointed not to find the original version, but the universe works in mysterious ways.

One day, my mother and then-future mother-in-law were out shopping and stopped at an antique store.

A (MIL) picked up an oversized book and when my mom saw it, she said, “Cori used to have a book just like this.”

When they opened it up, there was a price tag on the front page. And when it was peeled off…

My First Baking Book (6)

So for $3.21, MY copy of My First Baking Book was mine again.

The receipt lives inside the book as a permanent bookmark.

My First Baking Book (4) My First Baking Book (5)

Here are the size comparisons:

My First Baking Book (7) My First Baking Book (2)

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