Bullet Journaling How I Adore Thee

In my last post, I mentioned reading The Bullet Journal Method. I adore the idea of bullet journaling, but I need the flexibility of rings. And the fact that the Mead Flex binder also bends back like a spiral notebook makes it even better.

I’m in several Bullet Journaling Facebook groups and several people have shown how they are doing bullet journaling in rings. But no one can really tell me if they’re going to archive their pages or not. One of the points of Bullet Journaling is to be able to look back on past entries, thoughts, and ideas for reflection purposes.

I definitely use the Collections aspect of the method. So that will continue regardless of if I make the experiment work or continue using my current set up.

One notion of bullet journaling I’m not a fan of is setting up my week or in this case, drawing it out every week since the vertical weekly layout works for me. I may have found a work around. Something I’ll update you on later.


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Almost there! As I/we get closer to the end of #onebookJuly2016, I’m wondering how many others out there are ready to break out their other notebooks and play with them again. I know I am. But there are 6 days left in this challenge, so onward!



Not a lot of new developments over the last week. I have noticed I’m not writing my blog posts like normal. I’ve been scrambling to get posts together this month and I wonder if it’s because I’m worried I’ll run out of room in my books.

This has also lead me to not work on my goals as much this month. I suspect this final week of July I’ll be trying to crank them out. Not working on my monthly goals has left me feeling like I haven’t done much this month, but if I look back at my Bullet Journal, I know I have gotten a lot done. Just nothing towards my goals.

I haven’t been journaling that much, but life got a little crazier than normal, so I’m still using the colletto. The green, black, and purple inks are hanging on.

There are 95 pages in my Bullet Journal insert for dailies and journaling. I’m on page 77. Almost there! It will be cool to have a single book for the month.

I didn’t do my weekly set up until Tuesday, and I didn’t fill it in completely and ALMOST missed something at work.

I’ve more or less given up on decorating. No washi tape or stickers have been seen since July 19th. Ooops.

YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLMysxRdQc8

Not going to lie. I’m ready for it to be over, because I want to use my smaller sizes again and I want to play with the new Foxy Fix Marina Le Petit #5 I have….

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I made the video to go along with this post back in December, and then promptly forgot to write the post. Ironic since I blog mainly about planners and being organized, but what can you do?


If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’ve dabbled in bullet journaling and that I enjoy the concept. However, I couldn’t get past just how unstructured the system was. I need a little bit of structure. So I decided when I started a new journal, I would set it up how I thought a bullet journal should be set up—well, to make it work for me at least.

Here’s the video link so you can see what it looked like before I started using it: https://youtu.be/12GscRLft7s

I’m about half way through the journal, which isn’t saying much, since all my set ups took up about 2/3 of the pages. This journal is also college ruled, something I don’t care for in journals, but I loved the cover sooooo much I made an exception for the paper.

How I set this journal up:

MO2P—24 pages for December 2015 to December 2016 monthly set ups.


WO1P—52 weekly set ups. I tried to vary the design.




Then I started the collections/journaling/dailies section. I didn’t do any official collections or lists, just used this section for journaling.



I did start my Index, in the back, but don’t keep it up to date. I only make reflection sections or if I do a pro/con or Compare&Contrast of some planners.

This set did not work for me. Mainly because I didn’t remember to use it. That’s my own fault. I love the bullet journaling concept, especially the collections, so I think I’ll just take that part of the system and run with it.

© Cori Large February 19, 2016


Here are my top 10 most popular videos I’ve filmed and posted on YouTube.

  1. Bullet Journal Set up July 2015
  2. Mead Flex Binder Planner March 2015
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  9. Unboxing Video: Mead Shopping OrganizHer
  10. New to Me: Fauxdori Field Notes Aug 2015

In making this list, I’m seeing a pattern. Bullet Journaling is a very popular planning system. I still love the idea, but I need more structure than the original idea offers.

Not to push anyone to watch any of my videos (though I’d love you, if you did), #9 Unboxing Video: Mead Shopping OrganizHer video is comical IMO. My friend filmed it during a Girl’s Craft Day at my house when it showed up in the mail. It is one of the rawest videos I’ve filmed. This notebook is still one of my favorite products EVER!

© Cori Large January 2, 2016