My Library at my first apartment.

My Library at my first apartment.

Here are all the books I read in 2015, with short reviews or summaries.

Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries #10 Cast On, Kill Off even carefully laid plans can backfire
Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries #11 Close Knit Killer eh, no sympathy for murder victim
Lee Schnedbly Being Happy Being Married: a Guide to Building a Better Relationship every couple should read this
Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries #12 Yarn Over Murder as wildfires range, murder is solved
Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries #13 Purl Up and Die over-protective mothers don’t help children
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child Pendergast Series #14: Blue Labyrinth couldn’t put it down
Molly MacRea A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #1 Last Wool and Testament irritating cops, mopy ghosts, granny’s a witch?
Molly MacRea A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #2 Dyeing Wishes annoying ghost, mom in denial, spiveys
Molly MacRea A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #3 Spinning in Her Grave embezzler, icky realtor, unwanted kiss, fire
Molly MacRea A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #4 Plagued by Quilt no sympathy for murder victim-abuser
Jenn McKinlay Library Lover’s Mysteries #1 Books Can be Deceiving plagiarizing a*hole; crazed stalker; incompetent police captain
Jenn McKinlay Library Lover’s Mysteries #2 Due or Die obsessive stalker; theft of rare books; sniper shot’
Jenn McKinlay Library Lover’s Mysteries #3 Book, Line, and Sinker (Dec 2012) pirates, ex-fiance, awkwardness all around
Jenn McKinlay Library Lover’s Mysteries #4 Read It & Weep indecisive Sully, Munchausen’s, vindictiveness
David Allen Getting Things Done: the art to Stress-Free Productivity good ideas, kinda confusing at times
Shelia Connolly Museum Mysteries #1 Fundraising the Dead interesting from a library worker’s perspective
Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: great advice, nice sound bites & quotes to live by
Michelle Knudsen Evil Librarian  
Janis Owens American Ghost small town secrets get dredged up
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee At Knit’s End: To be read over and over!
Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train Love Octagon gone wrong
Victoria Abbott A Book Collector Mystery #1: The Christie Curse alright, hard to relate to protagonist
Victoria Abbott A Book Collector Mystery #2: The Sayers Swindle interesting, mob related
Victoria Abbott A Book Collector Mystery #3: The Wolfe Widow did not see it coming
Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan series #15.5 Bones in Her Pocket  

What did you read last year? (Can’t believe 2015 is over already!!!)

© Cori Large January 2, 2016


Organizing Your Reading List

If you are a complete bibliophile and have more books on your To Be Read List than you could sanely ever expect to read, then I have a suggestion on how to organize your list.

Everyone has a way. Some have an ongoing list in the planners, on their phones, or in a notebook. Others are more laid back and pick up whatever book catches their eye. Some people, like me, like to use Microsoft Excel or Access to organize our lists.

I use Excel. I understand the benefits that come with Access, but I was defeated by that program during a core class for my Bachelor’s degree. My professor even had trouble using Access and she was supposed to be teaching us how to use it!

My columns are: Date Read, Author, and Title, #of Pages, Subject 1, Subject 2, and Review.

My list is organized in two ways: (1) Date Read and (2) alphabetical by author name. By having the Date Read information as the initial sort factor, it puts all the books I’ve read at the top of the list. That allows all my To Be Read titles to all be at the bottom. It also allows for the To Be Read titles to be listed in the ordered in which they were added.

Reading List Headings

Author and title columns are self-explanatory. The # of Pages column is used two different ways. The actual number of pages of the book are in this column once I’ve actually read the book. If I haven’t read the book yet, the column has either the call number for the book if it is available in the library I work at or is tagged ILL so I know to Inter-Library Loan it from another library.

Subject 1 and Subject 2 columns are quick reminders for me to note in a few words what a book is about: Jane Austen, writing, cooking, murder mystery series, etc.

The Review column is where I jot a quick 2-6 word review of the book, usually Recommended, Eh, LOVED IT!, and sometimes a 6 word summary.

Well, that’s how I organize my reading list. I have a friend who built a database for her books in Microsoft Access and it was comparable to a real library catalog. Unfortunately, something happened and she lost the entire thing.

As of this posting, here are some stats:

Total # of titles on the list: 2038

Total # of titles marked as Read: 394 (I’m pretty sure I’ve read more books than this, but I only started keeping track 5 years ago.)

Total # of TO BE READ titles: 1644

End of Reading List

© Cori Large January 1, 2015