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Interesting Blog Posts-October 2015

I started compiling links of blog posts that I wanted to save in case I wanted to reference them again. I thought I’d share them with you. Hopefully, you’ll find something interesting to read.

FYI, this post just happen to be all planner related. I will sort into categories as I collect links.

Filofax—Union Jack edition

I sent this to my MIL because she and my FIL used Filos when they worked in Britain. She hinted at trying to find one for me…potential Christmas present?

Using a Planner with a Notebook

This post essentially gave me permission to do what I’ve been doing: Day-Timer Portable Malibu in Rose Gold + Mini Flex refillable notebook.

I bought a planner…now what do I do?

I follow this blog, and I love this post mainly for the title. There are a lot of new planner users who have the exact same thought after they purchase their first planners.

How to Balance Your Time Budget

This post reminded me of when I was in school with a 2 hour commute, and working a part time job. I would differentiate work, school, and travel all with different color highlighters.

How to Use a Planner: a guide for new users

This is a wonderful post for beginner planner users.

5 Easy Steps to Transform a Blank Page into a Planner Page

OMG! I love this post! It’s one of my favorite blog posts. To me, blank paper is the perfect planner insert. So much freedom!

New Journal Set Up

 So after some careful consideration and journaling about my feelings, I decided to go back to how I used to journal: filling up notebooks with personal diary entries, fiction/nonfiction pieces, book reviews, decorations and the like.

I have so many blank journals that I cannot wait to use, and I feel this is one way to fill them up quickly. I’ve been using this particular diary for just over a year, and have 62 pages left to fill.

To keep track of what’s in each journal, I’ll be putting Index pages at the back. I start on the very last page and move toward the front of the book. I’m also trying to fill up any half-started journals too.

New Journal Set up (1)

New Journal Set up (2)

New Journal Set up (3a)

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