What Post-Secondary Degrees Really Should Mean!

Back Story: I have had some professors throughout my college education that seem to think that the letters behind their name make them an authority on a subject, when in the real world they wouldn’t last five minutes.

So that got me thinking of a fun way to describe the different types of post-secondary degrees.

A.A. Degree: getting your Gen Eds out of the way for a lower price at community college before going on to a much pricier university to complete your B.A. /B.S.

B.A. /B.S. Degree: a half-started degree (if you came in with an AA) that you’re being pressured to finish even though you’re not sure if you like the subject matter anymore.

Master’s Degree: the degree you may actually enjoy getting because you have more electives than require classes. (Well, this was the case for me!)

Ph.D.: the degree to justify an obsession by near killing yourself with stress and research, and nearly destroying all personal relationships you have, all for a fancy piece of paper.

Author’s Note: This was meant in jest. I know several people who have worked hard to obtain their Ph.D.’s and I would never insinuate that they wasted their time.