Recommended Apps for Pregnancy and Postpartum

***This is not a sponsored post.***

I found these four apps incredibly using during my trying to conceive months, pregnancy, postpartum, and first year of motherhood.

Clue app: This app… It helped me track my menstrual cycle after I went off birth control so my husband and I had the best chance at getting pregnant. While no app is 100% accurate in ovulation estimations, I feel this app was accurate enough. I still use this app for menstrual cycle tracking and tracking various other things, even though I’m back on birth control.

What to Expect app: This app paralleled the book of the same name. It was nice to be able to look at it while I was at work and the book was at home. I loved the visual representations each week of how big the fetus was-though some of the comparisons were questionable.

I continued to use it once my son was born, because it has information and forums for new and veteran parents. I did end up leaving the forums when my son was 4-5 months old because I was overthinking a lot. I still consult the app from time to time.

Kick Counter app: In the second half of pregnancy, you’re asked to track how many times the fetus “kicks.” I loved using this app. It was very easy to use and you can pull up different logs (daily, weekly, monthly).

After my son was born, I screenshot the logs so I can look back on his activity level. (Weird first time mom thing.)

Baby Tracker app: I didn’t find this app until my son was almost 2 months old. It would have been much more useful to help keep track of the feeding, ounces, wet diapers, dirty diapers, and sleep tracking my pediatrician asked me to do.

You can track the above listed, as well as: activity time (tummy time, play time, bath time, outdoor time), metrics (height, weight, etc.), temperature and meds if sick, pumping sessions, add monthly pictures for memory keeping, and other info.

I like how most input sessions allow for notes to be added as well. That was incredibly handing when we first started solids and I would log what he ate in case of an allergic reaction.

You can also track multiple kids. I used it for myself for a short time to make sure I was drinking enough water and going to the bathroom. That may see a little neurotic, but anything that could help me during the newborn phase was utilized.