Bobbin Lace Bookmark: A Modern Take on an Old-World Craft by Cori Large

It’s finally here! One of my 2019 Goals was to self-publish my book Bobbin Lace Bookmark: A Modern Take on an Old-World Craft on Amazon/KDP. I’m so proud of myself for working hard and completing this goal. It has allowed me to achieve a life-long dream of becoming a published author. It is available in both paperback and eBook form. I will be filming a few accompanying How-To videos for this book shortly, and this post will be updated with those links shortly.

In this book, I take you through a brief history of bobbin lace, how to create the paper template you’ll be using, how to measure the crochet thread, set up the wooden bobbins, set up the lace pillow, and take you step-by-step through the pattern so by the end you will have made a lace bookmark.

There are over 70 pictures to help the novice get started and check themselves throughout the pattern. At the end of the book, I provide a list of organizations, websites, and YouTube channels the user can consult for further help.

Amazon Link

2019 NaNoWriMo Week 4 & Wrap Up

2019 NaNoWriMo Week 3 Update

November 2019 Vlog & NaNoWriMo Update

Weekly Writing Update 7/8-7/28/2019

Hello Darlings!

My muse has been good to me. Lots of ideas floating around. I wish I had that “Quick Quotes Quill” from Harry Potter to keep up with my brain sometimes.

11 July 2019

*Added 451 words to Best in Show (renamed Confronting Emotion)

12 July 2019

*Added 1338 words to 7 Minutes in Heaven

13 July 2019

*Added 1295 words to The Appearance of Impropriety

14 July 2019

*Added 798 words to Confronting Emotion

19 July 2019

*Wrote A to Z Knitting Stories: Indie Dyer Friends chapter, 388 words.

23 July 2019

*Wrote Editor letter

*Formatted Bobbin Lace Workbook file

24 July 2019

*Began new piece What Changed; 273 words; this piece will be absorbed into a new novella

25 July 2019

*Setup and rough outline for aforementioned novella: 328 words; working title: Reunited.

27 July 2019
*Bought my ISBNs for self-publishing!

Writing Life Update~Different Layout

Since I’ve been negligent about posting updates each week about what I’ve been working on, I figured a different format to catch everyone up would be the easiest option.

16 June 2019

*Added 43 words to Dishcloth Pattern

*Wrote 177 words on A-Z Knitting Stories: Expanding Business chapter

19 June 2019

*Wrote 304 words for Bobbin Lace Pattern instruction

21 June 2019

*Started copyright page for Bobbin Lace workbook

*Wrote 244 words for A-Z Knitting Stories: G chapter

30 June 2019

*Wrote July Patreon story, Paint Me a Picture; 1488 words

4 July 2019

*Wrote 1816 words for Fundraiser Dinner short story

5 July 2019

*Added 1350 words to Fundraiser Dinner short story

6 July 2019

*Wrote Heartbreak Under the Texas Stars short story; 1366 words

I’m on a roll with writing several days in a row and I hope to keep it up for as long as possible. Some of these short stories will become the Patreon monthly story.

I AM writing which is great! I’ve been really inspired lately and it’s taking me no time at all to get a couple hundred to over a thousand words written.

Writing Life Update June 2019

It’s about time for any update on my writing life and what I’ve been up to. It’s been interesting to say the least.

AVAILABLE 3/15/2019 Reception by Kenzie Jennings

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I’ve been busy this week! Whoa!

What have I been working on?

  1. Edited and uploaded March Patreon story
  2. Finalizing the Chronicle proposal: Market Analysis (which wasn’t easy)
  3. Wrote the sample chapter for proposals
  4. Changed the Storey proposal to A to Z Knitting and put that together.
  5. Go Travel article about a couple of restaurants near the Pantheon.

What’s in Edits right now?

  1. Edited March Patreon story before uploading
  2. Edited Sample Chapter of A to Z Knitting Stories before adding it to proposal packet

Publication Research:

I found out that Page Street Publishing has become a Vanity Publisher, so I’ve sub-ed in Gibbs Smith Publishing and have been working on a proposal packet for them.

Anything submitted?

  1. Submitted A to Z Knitting Stories proposal to Storey Publishing
  2. Submitted A to Z Knitting Stories proposal to Chronicle Books

Anything Else to Share?

Went to my first planner meet up this past Sunday (24th). That was interesting.

Plans for the Week:

  1. Finish Pantheon Eats article and submit.
  2. Square One & Gibbs Smith proposals…they’re getting the same book, just need to DO it.
  3. Bobbin Lace history chapter


What have I been working on?
  1. Proposal packets, namely the Chronicle Book proposal.
  2. Also wrote another article for Carie Harling’s Paper Planning eMagazine.
  3. Filling in the Food Calendar for another nonfiction book.
  4. Finished March Patreon story (yay!!!)

What’s in Edits right now?

Not editing any stories, but did edit an article I submitted.

Publication Research:

Other than double-checking the requirements for each publisher for this month, no.

Anything submitted?

Submitted my 7th–possibly–article to Paper Planning eMagazine on long term tracking.

Anything Else to Share?

I’ve been reading some self-help and time management books. Videos review these books can be found on the YouTube channel:

Plans for the Week:

  1. Continue working on proposal packets.
  2. Edit March Patreon story and upload it for Patrons (you guys!).
  3. Begin writing Bobbin Lace History chapter.


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