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[part 3 of the Cori Planner Pieces series]

To my knowledge, no one else uses the term Jotter. A jotter is any notepad or notebook that can be carried around in the pants pocket so one can jot down anything they need to immediately. No random pieces of paper floating around, risking getting lost. Now all random thoughts, To Dos, lists, important information, etc. is all contained in a single (sometimes more than one) notebook.

Here are the ones I’m currently using:

Cori's Jotters (1) Cori's Jotters (2) Cori's Jotters (3)

As you can see from the inside peeks, sometimes my writing is neat and organized, and other times I’m writing very hastily so I don’t lose a thought.

When a jotter is filled, I go back through it, cross off anything that’s been taken care of, transfer any important notes to their respective places, and add anything remaining to The Master To Do List. Yes, that includes everything that is left undone in the Jotter.

(The Master To Do List will have its own blog post later.)

Now, here’s a picture of my Waiting in the Wings Jotters:

Cori's Jotters (4)

From the left:

  • Cori's Jotters (5)Sanderson box set: 2 lined and 2 plain paper notebooks; gift from a family friend
  • Cori's Jotters (6)Small spirals: Stonehenge one was bought at the Stonehenge gift shop in Salisbury, England; Mickey’s Philarmagic was a clearance bin find
  • Small bound: Keep Calm & Carry On and the British Stamps notebooks were both bought during a trip to England.
  • Cori's Jotters (7)Small Pads: a set of three I grabbed while out shopping one day. Paper is lined only on one side, so I have a choice of which way I want to use them.
  • Cori's Jotters (8)Larger notebooks: these were cheap and I won’t be using them as proper notebooks but as jotters because the paper quality isn’t that great.
  • Cori's Jotters (9)Smaller booklets: these are the remaining 3 of a set of 5 my husband bought during a trip to the Tower of London when he was kid. They were recently refound during a cleaning out old boxes. So, of course, I appropriated them.
  • Cori's Jotters (10)Even smaller ones: remaining 2 of a set of 4 Jane Austen notebooks I bought in England. I was lacking in notepads to write on, so I had to buy some. The full set was one from Manifield Park, another from Emma, and 2 from Pride and Prejudice.

© Cori Large December 13, 2014


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[part 2 of the Cori Planner Pieces series]

I use three main items to stay organized: my jotter notepad, my Franklin Covey planner, and my Mead Flex Binder notebook.

3 piece org. system

Jotter Notepad:

I’m always coming up with ideas and need to take notes on one thing or another. Jotter isn’t a brand (or at least that I know of), just a term I use to refer to any notepad I can stuff into my back pocket and carry around. (There will be a separate post just on my jotters.)

Mead Flex Binder:

If you’ve never used one of these items, I recommend getting one. A combination of binder and spiral notebook. I use mine for my writing—fiction, nonfiction, spotlights, blog posts. It is organized in the Bullet Journaling style. (I’m planning separate, more in-depth blog posts about both the flex binder and bullet journaling later.)

Franklin Covey  planner:

I recently upgraded from a DayTimer Avalon desk size planner to a Franklin Covey Sierra planner. I say upgraded, meaning I got the storage space I wanted, even when I decreased the size of the planner. The reason I switched is because DayTimer didn’t have a larger ring option for the compact size, but FC did. Also, the 7 ring system in a desk size planner just made punching papers for it difficult. (I’ll go more into that in another post.)

The FC Sierra doesn’t have as many pockets as my DayTimer Avalon did, but I don’t mind. It suits my purposes wonderfully.

So there are my top 3 organizational items. Each will have its own post later on with more pictures.

Quick addition:

I use three different colors pens: blue, black, and red in my systems.

Blue: preferred ink color; comes from the notion that I’d always be able to tell an original from a copy.

Black: my backup if I can’t find my blue pen or if the blue pen runs out and I haven’t gotten/found another one; don’t use it for underlining though

Red: during the year, anything related to my outside-the-home job gets written in red; also used for finishing notes and underlining. Finishing notes are marking a written piece with the date written, typed, and posted to blog.

© Cori Large December 12-13, 2014

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[part 1 of Cori’s Planner Pieces Series]

I first stumbled onto Passion Planner via a shared link on Facebook. This piece was not about Passion Planner, just mentioning it because of the kickstarter video was a gateway.

After the kickstarter video, which was hosted on YouTube, recommended videos came up, as they do. One was titled “March 2014 Planner Review” by MyPurpleyLife. I thought to myself “That can’t be about what I think it’s about!” So I clicked on it.

That video spawned more recommendation of other planner review videos. I was in shock over these videos for awhile. I couldn’t believe these videos existed. They were quite informative actually, so if you’re stuck on how to organize or decorate your planner, check ‘em out!

There is a category for these videos: Organizers/Planners/Agendas. As of today (12/22/2014), there are 89 videos in that list. Now this may not be all the videos available on YouTube, just the ones on the list.

Here is the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMXGTwB_QGgJaEzP-7_rQ_S3uMxIB32hf

I’m slowly working my way through them. It’s wonderful to know I’m not the only one who loves their planner/organizer/agenda.

© Cori Large 12/11/2014

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Back Story: I have had some professors throughout my college education that seem to think that the letters behind their name make them an authority on a subject, when in the real world they wouldn’t last five minutes.

So that got me thinking of a fun way to describe the different types of post-secondary degrees.

A.A. Degree: getting your Gen Eds out of the way for a lower price at community college before going on to a much pricier university to complete your B.A. /B.S.

B.A. /B.S. Degree: a half-started degree (if you came in with an AA) that you’re being pressured to finish even though you’re not sure if you like the subject matter anymore.

Master’s Degree: the degree you may actually enjoy getting because you have more electives than require classes. (Well, this was the case for me!)

Ph.D.: the degree to justify an obsession by near killing yourself with stress and research, and nearly destroying all personal relationships you have, all for a fancy piece of paper.

Author’s Note: This was meant in jest. I know several people who have worked hard to obtain their Ph.D.’s and I would never insinuate that they wasted their time.

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Admitting Defeat

To some this may not seem like a big deal, but tonight was the first time in a year I’ve used my dishwasher.  When Philip and I decided to start saving money, we decided to stop using the dishwasher and dryer, and hand-wash all the dishes and line dry our clothes.

Philip asked me if I needed him to do anything and I responded with “Clearing out the dishwasher so I could load it up and run it.” (FYI the dishwasher has been where we’ve stored extra baking dishes.)

He responded with “Are you serious?”

“I don’t know…yes.”

I will admit that it was nice to load it up and only have a fewe things to hand wash because they’re not dishwasher safe. BUT! I feel like I should have sucked it up. My mom warned me this day would come. I just figured it would be after Philip and I had a couple of kids and we were running ragged. No offense to my mommy friends who don’t have dishwashers.

Okay, I’m done with my selfish semi-pathetic rant.

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Last night, while watching Elementary, I kept looking around the room. Philip asked me what was wrong and I expressed that I felt like I was forgetting something I had to do. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this feeling, but I couldn’t place why I was feeling like that.

He replied, “You’re done with school. You’ve graduated. You’re done,” and hugged me. And he was right. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since I graduated and finished my Master’s degree. In the past when I had a month-long break between semesters, about halfway through I would start feeling panicky and felt like I was forgetting to do something important.

Right now is no different. If there are any other graduates out there, no matter what degree level, if you’ve ever felt like this, you’re not alone.

Today at work, I feel the same way. I have plenty of work to get done, but I still have that panicky feeling like I’m forgetting something. Hopefully, it will pass.

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So I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and like a failure lately because of all the stuff/crap that has been accumulating in the apartment, chores that need to be done, important paperwork that needs to be organized…you know, general life stuff that happens when life is happening and you can’t possibly get to it right then. This feeling was pretty intense and I actually contemplated cancelling a Girls Day with a really good friend whom I had not seen in months.

I didn’t cancel and spent most of Saturday at her apartment, catching up, working on my own knitting project, and helping her prep some stuff for a baby shower she was giving. Once we got started talking, all thoughts of the mess in the apartment and my To Do list exited my brain. (My husband doesn’t believe that, but it’s true!)

I’m sooooooooo glad I didn’t cancel. I forget sometimes how I need to recharge with my friends who can relate to what I’m going through right now. Swapping budgeting tips, recipes, organizing ideas, craft ideas, etc. She joked that Girls Day was such a good idea, that we needed to do it again, now how was my calendar looking in four months!

‘Cuz that’s life! We all have good intentions and want to hang out with friends, family, catch up, recharge…but life happens. This past Saturday was a great reminder that it’s okay to put off the chores and go see a friend whom you hadn’t seen since before Christmas.

So, that was my grown up realization, now for the bragging!

Because I didn’t realize how recharged I would feel after my Girls Day, I didn’t expect to get what I accomplished this weekend accomplished. Our office/spare room/craft room/mess room was looking pretty hoarder-ish in my opinion. My dad’s a minimalist, and while I’m no where near as bad as him, I HATE piles of “stuff” everywhere serving no purpose.

We cleaned up the office, organized most of the paperwork that had piled up, have a couple bags for Salvation Army, pile for the garbage, and bags of items that need to be returned or given to people who would utilize said items more than I would. Yes, that may mean for a few days I’ll have smaller piles to deal with until they are distributed, but it’ll be gone within a week! Very proud of myself and Husband for getting this accomplished.

One of the other big piles was old VHS that I didn’t want to part with because they were childhood movies that I didn’t know if I could find them on Amazon. (Pure laziness and procrastination were behind that not getting done.) Dear Husband found them all on Amazon and saved the links for me so that when we had a little extra money, I could replace the VHS with a DVD. Very grateful for my sweetie for doing that for me!

I hope I have more weekends like this where I can get things accomplished and feel good about myself.

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