Date: Jan 13-19, 2019
What have I been working on?
  1. Researching different publishers.
  2. Writing on Feb Patreon story; added 410 words to it.
  3. WK2T edits
What’s in Edits right now?
  1. WK2T: corrections for stuff discovered while writing book 2 (Currently half way through re-read.)
  2. “In Memory Of:” reading through and updating clothing descriptions
Publication Research: Picked 5 publishers to send WK2T to once edits are finished:

  1. Black & White Publishing
  2. Tor/Forge (they’ve been on my list to submit to for awhile)
  3. Bellevue Literary Press
  4. Polis Books
  5. Turner Publishing

I need to start crafting cover letters and synopsis of varying lengths.  

Anything submitted? Not yet, but I’m working on it.
Anything Else to Share? Not at the moment.
Plans for the Week:
  1. Crafting the needed cover letters and synopsis requirements.
  2. Keep writing on Feb Patreon
  3. Finish latest edit round on WK2T


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