Date: Dec 9-15, 2018
What have I been working on? Researching publishers and lit journals.
What’s in Edits right now?
  1. CWP4AM edit 1
  2. Obsession edit 4
  3. WK2T edit 5? (Found some errors while writing novella #2)
Publication Research: Added 16 publishers/lit journals to my Excel spreadsheet. Several of which may be suitable for my novella series!!!
Anything submitted? Nope.
Anything Else to Share? No writing this week. Been trying to get through my backlog of Authors Publish links for submission openings and publisher information.
Plans for the Week:
  1. Start writing Round 2 in “Baking Competition”
  2. Add 14 more publishers/lit journals to my excel spreadsheet
  3. Flesh out Patreon story ideas


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