It’s almost over! 4 days left and 4 chapters to write! I plan on finishing on the 29th, not the 30th. Questions or comments, please leave them below.




Date: Nov 18-24, 2018
What have I been working on? One Novella in the bag! And in a week I’ve written Chapters 1-10 of the 2nd novella planned for NaNo (and the 3rd Novella in the series).

Sunday: 2032

Monday: 1814

Tuesday: 1730

Wednesday: 3646 *new high score*

Thursday: (Thanksgiving) 2585

Friday: 3124

Saturday: 2305

Total Weekly Word Count: 17,236

Total Overall Word Count: 45,830

Plans for the Week: Finish the novella by the 29th, so I can spend the 30th uploading the files for word count verification.


The long-awaited (at least by me) interview with my mom about the Monster Flex I made her at the beginning of the year.



Yes, yes, I know, I know. I send out the stats on one post, but then I do a vlog about how the week’s gone.




Date: Nov 11-17, 2018
What have I been working on? Now that I’m caught up. Can I keep it up?

Sunday: 2943; finally caught up on Sunday!

Monday: 1692

Tuesday: 2121

Wednesday: 1678

Thursday: 564

Friday: 2183

Saturday: 1904

Total Weekly Word Count: 13,085

Total Overall Word Count: 28,594

I’ve also finished the first novella (#2 in the series) and will be starting the second novella (#3 in the series on Sunday, 11/18).

Plans for the Week: Maintain the daily 1667 word count for NaNoWriMo.


Here’s the video of my reactions to how NaNoWriMo’s been going:



This video is a little late, but for good reason. Oh, boy, it’s been all NaNo all the time.



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