Date: Oct 14-20, 2018
What have I been working on?
  1. Researching NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) tours for KOTB.
  2. November Patreon piece
  3. Wrote another Tea Review for my Tier 1 Patrons.
What’s in Edits right now? “Obsession” (but no editing has been done)
Publication Research: No publishers or lit journals researched this week.
Anything submitted? Nothing submitted this week.
Anything Else to Share? I’m amazed I did do anything writing related this week to be honest. This past Saturday (the 20th) was Fall Festival, where I sell a lot of my handknits. I focused mainly on prepping for that.
Plans for the Week:
  1. Finish writing November Patreon story.
  2. Add 10 publishers to my excel spreadsheet.
  3. Pull past trip itineraries for inspiration for novella outlines.
  4. Finish outlines for Novellas 3 & 4 before NaNovWriMo begins. (I know it’s NaNoWriMo, but since I’ve attempting 3 novellas, I tweaked the title a bit.)


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