These are some teas I’ve been testing out. Some I liked, some I don’t care for and wouldn’t buy again. The Tea Trials have begun!

Blueberry Tea from Disney Parks Alice in Wonderland 12 Flavor Tea Variety Pack: Smells like a blueberry muffin while steeping. Doesn’t have a strong blueberry flavor. An okay tea if you want flavored hot water.

Mint Tea from Disney Parks Alice in Wonderland 12 Flavor Tea Variety Pack: Before steeping, the tea bag has a nice minty smell. Once the tea’s been steeped, there’s hardly any flavor or aroma coming from the tea. Similarly to the Blueberry tea, it’s alright if you’re looking for slightly flavored hot water.

Aveda Comforting Tea: I was given a few of these tea bags by a friend, whose favorite tea this is. Before steeping, the tea had a sent I couldn’t place. Turns out this tea is mainly comprised of licorice root and peppermint. I’m not a fan of licorice flavor, but this tea doesn’t have that. The tea also leaves an odd aftertaste in your mouth, which could possibly be the licorice root.

Bigelow Benefits Ginger & Peach Herbal Tea: This tea smells sooooo good, before you even brew it! As a hot tea, it tastes alright. As the tea cools, it tastes better. In addition to the obvious ginger and peach flavor, it has licorice root and fennel in it.

Bigalow Peppermint in the blue box. This is my go-to everyday tea. Along with the Raspberry tea, this tea is one I’ve drunk from the very beginning. Has a strong, peppermint flavor and aroma that I love. Not a fan of mixed mint teas or spearmint. This may offend many tea enthusiasts, but I can get 3 large mugs of tea from 1 bag, roughly the equivalent of 1 ½ teapots of tea.

Lemon-Ginger: First discovered this combo in England. Twinnings, the quintessential English brand, doesn’t stand up flavor-wise as much as Lipton. Lipton brand had a stronger flavor and the tea bag could be reused as least twice. Bigalow’s version was okay, but I’d only settle for it if I couldn’t find Lipton.

Zhena’s Gypsy Egyptian Mint-Rose Loose Left Tea: This is one of my fancier teas. It came in a glass jar with a wooden spoon, and was on the expensive side.

Red Raspberry: I cling to this one out of nostalgia. It was my first foray into herbal teas. I now find it bitter and don’t drink it as often as I used to.  

Tazo Calm Chamomile Tea: This was my first chamomile tea. Right off the bat, I liked how it smelled dry. In my opinion, this is a tea that needs to cool to room temperature or go cold to taste good. I did not care for how it tasted hot.

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