For Christmas, my in-laws bought me a Nesco Food Dehydrator. It comes with 6 trays, 2 herb sheets, and two fruit leather trays. I did order 4 more herb sheets off Amazon. 

I LOVE this thing! So far I’ve dehydrated mushrooms (button and baby bella) and herbs. In the hopes that if I pulverized them and turned them into powder, we could add the power to various recipes. I like mushroom flavor, HATE the texture.

Here’s what they look like dehydrated. As of today, I haven’t pulverized them, and they are separated not mixed. In my opinion, the button mushrooms have a stronger aroma than the baby bellas.

I wanted a dehydrator mainly for my herb garden. My basil, mint, and rosemary are plentiful. My Greek oregano is brand new, so it has some growing to do. I also have citrus trees in my backyard, so I’m looking forward to making my own fruit snacks.

So far, other than mushrooms, I’ve only dehydrated some basil and mint. I swear I pruned my basil plant (since I filled 9 trays with it) but it does not look like it.

Have any of you used a food dehydrator before? What do you like to make with yours?


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