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OMG! I did it! I’ll be receiving my Adsense payment around December 20-21!!! WHOOT!!!


Alright, people! It’s time for a new goal setting plan! I haven’t filmed or written a goal-oriented video or blog post since June (and yes, I had to consult YouTube for that).

Between trying out the Passion Planner during the first part of the year, and then completely changing up my planner set up May/June, I haven’t officially been setting goals and sharing them with y’all.

Using the Passion Planner helped me really think through what goals I wanted to achieve and I achieved some of them at the beginning of the year. Looking back over the initial road map and mid-year road map, I realized that I needed a different timeline.

Here are images from the Passion Planner website of the roadmaps:

3 months. 1 year. 3 years. Lifetime.

Those are too broad for me. I need more finite and small time frames. So I broke my goals into quarters. I’ve worked out the 4th quarter of 2017 and the 1st quarter of 2018.

I figure if I have the current quarter and the next quarter figured out, I’m in good shape. I have them written out and in my planner, so I can refer to them even if I’m not on the computer:

I have more in-depth lists for my Writing, Knitting/Crafting, Homesteading, Side Hustles that I pull these goals from. I plan on averaging 5-6 goals a quarter, which in addition to some monthly goals (mainly knitting goals), should be doable.

I’ll check in January to show how I’ve done during the 4th quarter.


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