I HATE wasting paper, well wasting things in general, so having numerous half-filled inserts bugged me. If you’re a Traveler’s Notebook user, you may have discovered that sometimes you don’t completely use up an insert for whatever reason. I’d like to share with you some ideas I’ve implemented for re-purposing those half-used inserts.

*Short-term Food Journal: this is great if you’re trying to figure out what’s causing heartburn or stomach aches, or whatever. This helped me narrow down my heartburn trigger to canned tomatoes, but not tomato sauce or paste.

*Shopping Lists: provided you don’t already have a section in your planner for this, shopping lists are a great way to use up paper.

*Car Notebook: if you get a random idea while on the road, jot it down while at a stoplight or have a passenger write it down for you. And if you have kids, having paper and a pen with you, can lead to tic-tac-toe matches and drawings while they’re in the backseat.

*Nightstand Notes: I don’t know you, but I get the randomest ideas when I lay down for the night. Just having a quick place to jot them down (because we NEVER remember them) is a good thing. And it means you don’t have to wake your brain up enough to search through your planner for the correct spot to put the information.

*Scratch Pads: ‘nough said

*Quick To Do Lists: this is great for temporary situations, like last minute get togethers or chore lists for kids if the chores aren’t typical ones (like weeding the yard; also, chore charts didn’t work on me and my brother. Daily lists did.)

*Card Game Score Sheets: my family loves to play 7 Card Rummy. Flip a page when you start a fresh game, or if you’re like my inlaws, have a running score sheet.

*Quick Brain Dumps: for when you absolutely have to empty your brain! I get like this every-so-often. Despite having notes pages in my planner, sometimes my brain calls for a legal pad or a smaller notebook to jot stuff down in.

*Splitting an Insert between two things: Carie Harling introduced this idea in one of her videos, and I cannot remember which one. She takes an insert and splits it in half, pretty simple considering you need to split the insert to put it into a TN in the first place, and uses the front half for one project and the back half for another project. By the time she reaches the middle, she’s done with both projects. Voila! No wasted pages (or not as many).

I’ve used this technique in my Knitting TN insert. Front half of a booklet was for my scrappy wrap and the back is for my mini skein 10 stitch blanket. It’s working great!

I hope you find some of these suggestions helpful! Happy planning!


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