I’ve been part of the Planner Addict World for two and a half years at this point. Lots of planning systems and styles have crossed my desk in that time. I’d like to share with you some thoughts I’ve been having about my journey.

This isn’t my first reflection either. A year into my fall down the rabbit hole, I wrote this post. When I wrote that piece, I was still planning on going into 2016 with my DayTimer Malibu Portable in Rose Gold. HOWEVER, that all changed when my friend, Canyon, pushed me into trying Traveler’s Notebooks.

Traveler’s Notebooks were interesting for me. I initially purchased the ZLYC Standard size off Amazon. Then got a second-hand Chic Sparrow Creme Wide. Somewhere in there I went back and bought the ZLYC Passport size. Granted, I never used the Wide or the Passport sizes for Planners. And, to top it all off, Husband got a Chic Sparrow Maverick Narrow. I used the Maverick for a few months before switching to a smaller size in August 2016.

The Foxy Fix Marina in the B6 size was a beautiful. I can acquire cheap notebooks to use as inserts very easily for this size at Walmart. I used the Marina until January 2017, when I decided to give the Passion Planner (the initial planner kickstarter video which led to other planner videos). I printed off the Classic PDF and put it in my Flex Binder. My love of Flex binders is not a secret and I had mentioned in the previous reflection video, that if I ever went back to a full-size planner, I would put it in a Flex Binder.

Using the Passion Planner has helped me work towards a life-long goal of publishing a book. I’ve made more progress towards publishing my book in the last six months than I have with any other manuscript. I’m continuing to use it, but it is no longer my EDC (everyday carry). Being a full-size planner, it wasn’t fun to carry back and forth to work. Which brought about a change in size once again!

May 2017, the day before I’m due to leave for a 3 day conference, I spend my evening DIYing and customizing some outdated premade Franklin Covey Blooms inserts to put in my Mini Flex. The Mini Flex got changed out for a Monster Flex (bigger rings, same page size). I still use the Passion Planner to track progress towards my goals. The Monster Flex has become my EDC and general all-purpose notebook, which I love! I actually predicted this would be my ideal planner in a post from 2015. As per my usual way of doing things, it takes several go arounds before I admit to myself the initial system I thought up was going to be perfect for me.

That’s where I stand for now. I’ve come full circle it seems, since I’m now Who knows what I’ll be using at the start of 2018 or a year from now. It’s been quite the journey, and writing these reflection posts has been eye-opening. I’ve ordered Franklin Covey Seasons WO2P inserts for 2018. I’d love to tell you I’ve found planner peace, but I know myself. As soon as I verbalize that, I’ll want to change my setup.

If you use a planner, what system has been working for you? Will you be staying in it for 2018 or trying something different? Let me know in the comments.


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