My planner collection! I’ve been asked in comment of previous blog posts, just how many planners do I have. This post, I’m going to go through my entire planner collection and what’s on my planner shelf.

Warning: this is a LONG post!

My planner collection is a mix of Traveler’s Notebooks, ringed binders, Flex Binders, etc.

Starting from the left side of the shelf, I’m going to go through the whole shelf and show&share these planners.

  1. Black planner cover that I eventually plan on turning into a Traveler’s Notebook…eventually!
  2. Filofax A5 Finsbury: this one belong to my husband’s cousin. When my inlaws were visiting her, MIL shared my planner obsessed with her, she pulled her old Filofax off the shelf and said to give it to me. It does have dividers and paper in it.
  3. My first ringed planner: ah memories. My mom gave me her old planner when she bought a new one. I used this thing for years!
  4. DayTimer Classic size Malibu in Aqua: a Christmas gift from hubby. Whenever we went to Staples, I’d take it off the shelf and look at it. I love the Malibu layout.
  5. Mini Flex collection: there are two here. My original pink one and another brand new pink one.
  6. Wide size TN from Michaels: I bought this one on a whim. It hold my wide size inserts. Nothing special really.
  7. DayTimer Personal size Malibu in Rose Gold: aw my RG! There are quite a few blog posts written about this planner. To date, if I had to purge my planner collection to the bare minimum, this is one that would stay. But alas! I still love rings, but I wish it just bent back like a spiral notebook (see my Mini Flex obsession!). I’ve also toyed with the idea of removing the rings and turning it into a Traveler’s Notebook, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.
  8. Coil bound notebook: a potential contender for #onebookJuly if I decide to go Bullet Journal style
  9. Bound notebook: another contender for #onebookJuly if I decide to go Bullet Journal style
  10. Chic Sparrow Standard/Narrow size Maverick TN: birthday present from Hubby. This is a workhorse! The water buffalo leather is tough! Which I’m glad for, because I do not baby my stuff. I’m rough and throw my notebooks into bags. They need to be able to survive. Hence why I do not own a Mr. Darcy.
  11. Fabric fauxdori that I made: experimenting with the B6 size. Couldn’t justify spending money on one, but I fell in love with the size as soon as I made it.
  12. Teal fauxdori that I made: more experimenting. The stickers keep coming off. I may have to decopage (spelling?) them on.
  13. ZLYC Standard/Narrow TN in its bag: this one was my first traveler’s notebook ever! As awkward as the narrow size can be, I do like this one. It’s also one of my loaners when I have friends who want to try out TNs.
  14. Foxy Fix Marina B6 TN in its bag: My first official B6! Used her for 6 months straight, which is saying something with the way I move planners around. Currently resting, while I break in my Dr. Jones B6.
  15. Unknown maker personal size ringed notebook: this one’s story has already been told. You can read about it here.
  16. Travel Mini Flex: another experiment for a friend who liked the idea of the Mini Flex, but wanted something a little smaller. I wrote about that one here.
  17. Cut down binder rings: another experiment. I was trying to make my teal fauxdori into a combo TN and rings planner. It didn’t work.
  18. Personal Size binder ring insert: Bought this off eBay or ETSY to attempt another DIY planner. It didn’t work either.
  19. Mini 3 ring binder: honestly bought this because it was pretty. Hardly use it.
  20. Engagement themed coil notebook: gift from my cousin when Hubby and I got engaged. Contains the lists of who gave what at the wedding shower and wedding gifts so I could write thank you’s.
  21. DIY Mini Flexes I made from placemats: in a fit of brillance (or insanity), I decided that I could make Mini Flexes out of vinyl placemats, duck cloth, and those metal rings some people put index cards on. Mostly successful. Thought I wish I had been more mindful of where I punched the holes….
  22. Chic Sparrow Dr. Jones B6 Regular: my latest and possibly last TN. I’ve already written a post about my Dr. Jones TN, so I won’t repeat myself here. But you can read about it here if you’d like.

These are 99% of my planner collection. Not shown in the photo, but shown in the video are the following: full size Flex binder that contains my Passion Planner, purple Mini Flex as my brain dump notebook, and my ZLYC Passport size TN.


You know, I didn’t think my collection was that bad, until I wrote this post!


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  1. Candy
    Mar 15, 2017 @ 12:23:34

    I have trouble keeping up with two don’t know how you do it.


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