I’ve come up with a new idea to help me keep track of blog posts and how they’re organized.

Over the Christmas season, I spent some time thinking about what I wanted my blog and by extension my YouTube channel to become. Filming YouTube videos is quicker for me than writing blog posts. When I first began this blogging and YouTubing journey, I wanted the YouTube videos to supplement the blog posts they accompanied.

Now, I’m reversing that. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with how I’m setting up an editorial calendar, my filming schedule, posting schedule, etc. One way that I’m staying organized in all of this is my new Idea List.

My new approach will revolve around three themes: my knitting podcast, any planner related posts, and my Other section. By having all my ideas separated into three respective columns, I essentially have my editorial calendar all set up. I can either pick from each column, or choose a row and go across it.

I fully expect the Knitting column to always have more ideas in it, because I pull two or three from that column whenever I’m going to film a new podcast episode.

This has made filming and posting the last two weeks more manageable and enjoyable. Also, learning how to embed YouTube videos within the posts themselves has been extremely helpful.

How do the rest of you make up your editorial calendar or keep track of your post ideas? Please comment below.


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