The Joyful Cook’s Guide to Heavenly Greek Cuisine by Georget Photos is compilation of family recipes and other Greek recipes she has gathered over the years. In this book, she allows the novice, intermediate, and advanced cook to work with each recipe so they may prepare meals full of love and nutrition.

Full Disclosure: I know the author, Georget Photos. I did not receive this cookbook for free. I paid for it with my own money.


Georget is a dear friend of mine, whom I took cooking classes from a few years ago. The recipes I show in the video are ones I made before, either in my kitchen or at class, and seeing them in this book brings me joy. I cannot wait to make Olive Bread (p.80), Tsoureki (p.81), and her father’s Greek yogurt (p.199).

Sweet Note:

“Dear Cori, To one of my favorite students who is the best kneader around! Have fun, love always, Georget.”

I loved making bread with her in class (hence the best kneader comment). Tsoureki is one of my favorite breads! I still have the small jar of whole mahlepi Georget gave me after that class.

It is available for purchase on Amazon here. (No affiliate link.)


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