Here are some interesting blog links I’ve gathered over the past two months. I hope you enjoy reading them!

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I’m trying something new with this month’s Monthly Knits post. I’ll also be showing off some of my project bags that I use to keep my projects organized. And instead of a traditional post, please watch the video in the link below.




2016 was the first year I’ve ever kept a running log of what I’ve been knitting. I knew I knit many items last year, but off the top of my head I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the accurate numbers.

Baby Blankets: 10

Bernat Plum Chutney (4)

Bernat Little Royals (4)

Bernat Little Petunias (1)

Bernat Little Roses (1)

Bernat Pumpkin Spice (1)

Dishcloths: 76 (WOW!!!)

Bernat Freshly Pressed (12)

Bernat Port or Red Licorice (20)

Bernat Mango Madness (21)

Bernat Bluebell (9)

Bernat Freshly Squeezed (11)

Bernat Berry Blast (3)

Scrubbies: 13

Bernat Freshly Pressed (1)

Bernat Port or Red Licorice (3)

Bernat Mango Madness (2)

Bernat Bluebell (5)

Bernat Freshly Sqeezed (2)

Luxury Face Cloths: 9

Bernat Pipsqueak Sunny Days (9)

This product line has now been discontinued. The yarn was not fun to knit with and shed horribly.

Personal Projects:

Grandma Jean’s wrap

Frankie Brown 10 Stitch Blanket (original pattern) in Camouflage

2017 look ahead:

I’m removing the baby blanket product line because they’re not selling, and I still have plenty of them. If they become popular, I may start making them again, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I’m very impressed with the number of dishcloths I made. Without the baby blankets taking up valuable knitting time, I expect to knit over 100 dishcloths this year. Personal projects for the year? Not sure yet. I have plenty listed in my Knitting TN Insert, and several more have popped into my head as well. Maybe I’ll make some headbands or cowls from the fancy yarns I brought back from England.

If you craft, do you have any goals for yourself this year? And if you don’t craft, do you think you’ll start or is there one you’re interested in?

© Cori Large 21 January 2017


In the video below, I show how to take charms and turn them into progress keepers for your knitting or crochet projects.


(C) Cori Large January 22, 2017


My Everything Binder is exactly what it sounds like. This binder holds a lot of important projects. This is not my House Binder or my Finance Binder, however. This Flex binder (surprise, surprise) contains six dividers thus creating six sections.

1st Section:

Divider: a pocket divider

This section is kind of a catchall, but mostly used for working on my monthly targets for my goals, writing out recipes, writing out blog posts, and blank paper to write on.

2nd Section:

Divider: pocket divider

This is my Writing Section. Notice the capital W and S. I’ve filled up the notebook I’ve been writing my current novel in, but the story isn’t over. So I’ve continued the novel on notebook paper. This section also has several lists of “Other Ways to Say” writing aids.

3rd Section:

Divider: pocket divider

This is the Passion Planner (PP) section! I’m still playing around with my PP and setting it up. I have a separate video showing my set up so far. Also, more videos on this section are in the works.

4th Section:

Divider: page protector style

This is a small section where I put random things I’ve written down, i.e. Project Bag theme and Blick Mead notes from my trip to England.

5th Section:

Divider: page protector style

This section has my receipt for buying Alton Brown: Eat Your Science LIVE tickets in April. Nothing else in this section at the moment.

6th Section:

Divider: page protector style

And this section is empty. I don’t know if I’ll put anything back here or if this divider will act as a protector of papers in Section 5.

This binder goes with me from home to work. I work on blog posts and writing recipes when I’m on my lunch break, and the Passion Planner keeps me on track.


© Cori Large 9 January 2017



  1. Reading…100 Million Years of Food: What Our Ancestors Ate and Why It Matters Today by Stephen Le.
  2. Watching…the final season of GRIMM
  3. Knitting…last baby blanket for craft show inventory and cotton dishcloths for craft show inventory.
  4. Writing…finishing up the final chapter in my current novel.
  5. Favorite recipe so far this month…souvlaki. I love making souvlaki!

How’s everyone else doing mid-month? Feel free to copy and paste this check-in list into your blog!


I knit a lot. Those big Bernat skeins of yarn, pre yarn cone holder, would flop around on the floor whenever I knit them up. My husband, who found this highly amusing, decided to build me something that would hold both those plastic cones that came with a yarn winder and the cones of yarn from Walmart.

This is one gift I use almost every day. I wind the Bernat skeins onto the cones, and the cone holder holds them at the correct angle so the yarn pulls off easily.

To keep the yarn cake from sliding off the plastic cone, my husband put skateboard grip tape along the sides of the cone.

One Bernat skein fills almost two of the plastic cones.

I have four of the plastic cones right now, which allows me to cone up two Bernat skeins at a time. Also, if I have multiple balls of the same color from Peaches & Cream or Sugar & Crème, I cone those up at well.

Not only will my cone holder hold the plastic cones full of yarn, but it will also hold the cones of Peaches & Creme and Sugar & Cream yarn.

The basket that it sits in used to hold my scissors, clapstick, and a small tube of hand lotion. But now that I have my awesome Husky bags, I put it in there. The cone holder fits snuggly in the medium sized Husky tool bag as well.

There are pockets along the side where I stick my empty needles. No more fishing around for them.

I have noticed when the amount of yarn on the cone is almost gone, it does become a little harder to pull the yarn off the cone. Brand new, full cone…yarn pulls off easily.


My husband has made and bought me some cool stuff over the years, but this is the most used one by far. (Okay, maybe second to my wedding ring.)

© Cori Large 9 January 2016


In a previous post, I wrote about how I love the Passion Planner and listed off the things I really liked about it. For 2017, I’m going to attempt using it to work towards my goals and keep myself semi-organized and hopefully sane.

I’ve admired the Passion Planner for a long time. The one of the Kickstarter videos, I was introduced to the concept and promptly wish this planner had existed 10 years ago when I was a senior in high school.

I received my copy of the Passion Planner by sharing one of their 6 social media icons, screenshoting it, and emailing that screenshot to the listed email in order to receive the download password. I think this is an excellent way for Passion Planner to receive some free publicity and advertising, while the consumer, in exchange, gets access to all the wonder downloads the #PashFam team has created. Here’s the link to the download page. (Full disclosure: the Passion Planner FB groups do have people who will share the password with you for nothing in exchange. I’m not the ethics police, but I do not feel that is right, considering the small task you have to complete is receive the password won’t take more than 5 minutes and costs nothing. But that’s just me.)

I’m still feeling out this planner and filling it out. I’m still working on my Passion Road Map, and am planning on doing a separate video on that.

I’m not going to do a walk-through video explaining what this planner consists of. There are plenty of videos about that and the Passion Planner YouTube Channel has plenty of videos for your viewing pleasure.

I printed off the 2017 dated Classic size .PDF. It is the Sunday start. While I prefer a Monday start, I will deal with it. Instead of having it bound at Staples, I punched it and put it in a Mead Flex Binder (surprise surprise).

Monthly Spread

My Monthly spread is simple at the moment. I do plan on eventually decorating a little bit. I like the idea of decorating, but a planner for me is first and foremost Functional, not Pretty.

I’m still doing my color coding is still the same. Blue = work; Green = House/Philip/Us; Red = cross off/appointments/birthday; Purple = Cori Personal/side hustle/goals. I no longer have an orange ink in my Colletto, so exercise has been rolled into Green.

Weekly Spread: Jan 1-7

I started using this planner mid-week on the first week of January, hence why the beginning of the week is sparse and the end of the week has more information and tasks listed.

Weekly Spread: Jan 8-14

So far, I’ve only got Sunday and Monday filled in. I’ll be filling in the rest of the week after I’m doing with this post.

I also need get tabs onto the Months and all that. I hope to have another video showing off this planner more soon.


I’m not a paid spokesperson for Passion Planner. I just love this planner. I recommend trying it out, since getting access to the downloads isn’t very difficult.

© Cori Large 8 Jan 2017


I decided to write a piece reflecting on my 2016 goals. Looking back over my previous monthly targets, I’m very impressed with myself. Last year was the first time EVER that I wrote out some Overall Goals and then broke them down into more manageable monthly lists. Here’s my 2016 Goals reflection:


Fully Accomplished Goal: The Journal Booklet.

I’m so happy I’ve completed this project and it’s up for sale as a digital download in my ETSY shop. For those who aren’t sure what I’m taking about, I wrote an entire blog post / advertisement for it here.

Of the other pieces of nonfiction I was also working on, I’m farther on some of them than others. The Genealogy Workbook has been mostly written up, but I need to check what else is needed. The Bobbin Lace Workbook…my shameful neglected project….As I mentioned in the January 2017 Goals Update post, I will be dedicating my monthly craft meeting to working on it. The Recipe Book is coming along nicely. All that recipes I have left are complicated ones that I’ve been avoiding. And I’ve also run out of excuses.

eBay and Amazon have been amazing for side hustle money. I sold off excess ring planners and sold most of the Mead OrganizHer Shopping Companions (aka Mini Flexes) for a profit. The selling of the Mini Flexes was a joke experiment at first, but then the joke was on me. I still can’t believe I sold 34 of them. My ETSY shop. Well, ETSY hasn’t brought in any sales. I’m disappointed, but we’ll see how the next couple of months go. If Amazon Handmade works out, my ETSY shop may go bye-bye.

The blog has been fairly consistent. I wrote 103 blog posts this year, compared to 90 from 2015. YouTube has been a fun outlet for me, despite not filming very much in the last few months.

Fun Stats:

# of Recipes Written in 2016: 31.

# of Blog Posts Written in 2016: 103 (90 in 2015).

# of YouTube Videos Filmed in 2016: 51 (51 also in 2015).


I can’t wait to see how things go this year. What does everyone else have lined up for 2017?

© Cori Large 5 January 2017


Happy New Year, everyone! We’re a week into 2017 and I’m still getting myself organized for the year. Ha Ha. Instead of just giving y’all a list of what I plan to work on this month, I’m also going to expand on a few of them. I’ve also written a reflection post for 2016 (an upcoming post) and that has prompted me to explain myself somewhat. Here are my January 2017 goals:

Genealogy Workbook: make a list of what’s been done vs. what still needs to be done.

Bobbin Lace Workbook: work on at monthly crafting meeting.

I attend a monthly craft meeting, originally started to teach Bobbin Lace, but we drifted away from that when our mentor and teacher passed away. So I came up with a shocking idea: work on the Bobbin Lace Workbook AT the monthly meeting! (We still call this meeting the Bobbin Lace meeting, but no one’s done bobbin lace since Ms. Margaret passed.)

Recipe Book: (a) write out 4 recipes & (b) double check what recipes are on the USB already

I’m so close to being done! I’m getting to some of the more complicated recipes, so I know I’m just procrastinating.

eBay: McDonald’s glass: (a) inventory, (b) write up, and (c) take pictures

ETSY: (a) update product descriptions and (b) list progress keepers

Amazon: get set up with Amazon Handmade

I’m so thrilled to have been accepted to sell on Amazon Handmade. The application was pretty in-depth, i.e. “Is anything you use mass-produced?,” “How many people work for you?,” “Submit pictures of your production process and your work area.” The last requirement made me laugh. Below are the pictures I sent for my production process and my work area.

                                                    ^^^My production process^^^

^^^My work area^^^

I was surprised at some of the questions, but I also appreciate their thoroughness and making sure I’m not a mass-manufacturer.

Craft Show Inventory: baby blanket

This is the last of the Bernat Baby or Blanket yarn. I have made 13 baby blankets in the past year. I’m not going to lie, I’m glad I’m at the end of the blanket production. My wrists will be thanking me.

YouTube Channel: film 7 videos.

Blog: write 10 blog posts.

As much as I like to batch write and film, it was becoming overwhelming. Plus being sick for all of November really brought my motivation down. My overall blog and YouTube goals are to be more consistent. I really like scheduling my post when in England. I’m going to try to set that up for the future. Each Sunday I’ll schedule my blog post and upload any accompanying videos.


Wish me luck!!!

© Cori Large 5 January 2017


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