Despite how I felt about September went for me, in my October Goals Update, I must say I did have a fairly productive September, knitting-wise.


Baby Blankets:

Bernat Blanket Plum Chutney (1)

BB Bernat Plum Chutney


Bernat Mango Madness (4)

Bernat Mango Madness

Bernat Bluebell (9)



Bernat Mango Madness (2)


Bernat Bluebell (5)

[picture came out blurry. needs to be redone.]

Luxury Facecloths:

Bernat Pipsqueak Sunny Days (4)

Lux FC Bernat Pipsqueak Sunny Days


Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a productive September. I wish I could say that mine was, but the only real accomplishment I had for September was getting the Journaling Booklet out there are put to bed. And I’m very proud to say that I did get that done. Aside from some technical issues with my website at the beginning of the month, due to a faulty plug-in, I was able to get that particular goal checked off only a week later than originally intended. So let’s take a look at how September went, and what I have planned for October goal-wise:




Journaling Booklet: publish and put to bed (COMPLETE!!! 9/12/2016)

Genealogy Workbook: “Why did I decide to write this?” (Nothing written, moved to October’s list)

Recipe Book: write out 5 recipes (Nothing written, moved to October’s list)

Bobbin Lace Workbook: work through first 5 pages (Nothing written, moved to November’s list)

eBay: list planners and journals (Complete. 9/25/2016. Two of the planners sold!)

ETSY: [on hiatus. Only renewed from expired listings. Nothing new.]

Amazon: [on hiatus.]

Craft Show Inventory: Bernat Baby Blanket in Plum Chutney (Complete. 9/4/2016)

Blog: write 5 blog posts (Complete. Wrote 6.)

  1. Daily vs. Weekend set up
  2. September Monthly Check In
  3. Planner Appeal
  4. Supersizer’s Go Playlist
  5. Custom Coupon Binder
  6. Blog Links

YouTube: film 10 videos (Nothing filmed.)

Now, as some of you may recall, I’m doing some travelling this month. I plan on doing A LOT of writing this month, and all the hands-on stuff (bobbin lace, website listings, and YouTube videos) in November. I will film some videos, but I’m not going to focus on that.




Genealogy Workbook writing topics: why did I decide to write this; why is genealogy important; online resources and print resources; why backing up your information is necessary; organization tips; tips & tricks for getting family to talk.

Bobbin Lace Workbook: [on hiatus until November]

Recipe Book writing topics: Greek quesadillas; PB oreo brownie thing; breakfast scramble; sloppy joes; herbed crackered fish; cori’s simple salad; garlic shrimp bake; curried chicken meatballs; spaghetti pie; baked drumsticks; quick tuna salad; quick ceasar salad; R-W-B sundae; garlic & rosemary porkchops; AP tomato sauce; garlic & rosemary chicken breasts version 2; vege salad; garlic & rosemary shrimp; pantry salsa; stewed chicken

eBay: [on hiatus until November]

ETSY: [on hiatus until November]

Amazon: [on hiatus until November]

Craft Show Inventory: Bernat Blanket Pumpkin Spice

YouTube: [on hiatus until November]

Blog posts: write 27 blog posts or as many as possible.

I think I’ve got enough to do for October. See y’all in November with an update on how I did!

© Cori Large October 3, 2016


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