So for August, I got everyone accomplished except working on the Bobbin Lace workbook and Genealogy workbook. I was thinking about changing up what I was going to do goal-wise for September and October. If you watch the video below, I talk about trying to split my goal to do’s into writing goals and physical goals. All the physical goals were going to be done in September, and all the writing would be done in October while I’m traveling. I changed my mind while trying to split them up and decided to treat September as a regular month, and split everything during October and November.

August 2016 Goals

Anyways, after that long introduction, here’s what my September Goals/Monthly Targets are going to look like:

  1. Journaling Booklet: publish and put to bed
  2. Genealogy Workbook: Why did I decide to put this together?
  3. Recipe Book: write out 5 recipes
  4. Bobbin Lace Workbook: work through first 5 pages
  5. eBay: list planners and journals
  6. ETSY: [on hiatus]
  7. Amazon: [on hiatus]
  8. Craft Show Inventory: Bernat Blanket Plum Chutney
  9. Blog Posts: write 5 posts
  10. YouTube Channel: film 10 videos

I’ve written out October and November out already, but I’m not going to share it just yet. But I’m going to switch up my plan of splitting everything during September and October, and split October and November. The writing plan still stays though. Lots of writing is planned for October. I don’t know if I’ll be using a traveler’s notebook insert or a 1 subject spiral notebook or one of my mini flexes. I’m leaning toward the mini flex at this point, but knowing me, I won’t make the decision until the weekend before we leave.

YouTube video link:

How has everyone else’s goals or monthly to do’s gone for the month?

© Cori Large 28 August 2016


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