#onebookJuly2016 is over! I can’t believe I did it! I boxed up my other TNs and just use ONE traveler’s notebook for the month of July. Now I can bust my other TNs out of jail!

OBJ Wk 4  (2)

OBJ Wk 4  (1)

Here are some thoughts I jotted down during the final week:


  • Can’t believe I did it!
  • Missed having a brain dump book! I’m so glad I didn’t take that insert out like I thought about earlier in the month.
  • I now have a book of God-knows-what for July 2016.
  • Using one pen was interesting. Being able to switch up colors did help, but I think I’ll save the colletto for traveling. I need to get more refills!
  • Also, a coworker asked me about my color coding system and how I knew what color to use next….I got alphabetical by color: black, blue, green, orange, purple.
  • I ended up getting to the final weekend before running out of all ink, except the purple and red! Impressed, kinda.
  • OBJ also helped me realize that I function best with a brain dump notebook and a daily set up, which is what I have set up in my EDCs.
  • Husband’s observations: I was more stressed out because I was limiting my writing because I didn’t run out of ink or paper.
  • 20160807_145212
  • I’m happy to go back to my blogging insert.
  • I don’t know if OBJ had anything to do with it, but I started a piece of fiction, and I’ve really enjoyed working on it this month.
  • The CS Maverick will be staying home because of the weight.
  • 20160807_145217

So! I accepted the challenge and completed it! Since I have completed 1.0 (one book, one pen, one month), next year I can attempt #onebookJuly 2.0 (a project based challenge). I also figured out that my brain works better in a project-mindset, so 2.0 will be interesting.

YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICiynS4kItc

© Cori Large 31 July 2016


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