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A local yarn store where my in-laws live was having a Going Out of Business Sale. My mother-in-law very kindly stopped in and picked up fourteen skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn for me in four different colors to surprise me with!


#320 Regency


#362 Quartz


#396 Fiesta


#422 Wisteria


I foresee blankets, scarves, and hats in the future!


Almost there! As I/we get closer to the end of #onebookJuly2016, I’m wondering how many others out there are ready to break out their other notebooks and play with them again. I know I am. But there are 6 days left in this challenge, so onward!



Not a lot of new developments over the last week. I have noticed I’m not writing my blog posts like normal. I’ve been scrambling to get posts together this month and I wonder if it’s because I’m worried I’ll run out of room in my books.

This has also lead me to not work on my goals as much this month. I suspect this final week of July I’ll be trying to crank them out. Not working on my monthly goals has left me feeling like I haven’t done much this month, but if I look back at my Bullet Journal, I know I have gotten a lot done. Just nothing towards my goals.

I haven’t been journaling that much, but life got a little crazier than normal, so I’m still using the colletto. The green, black, and purple inks are hanging on.

There are 95 pages in my Bullet Journal insert for dailies and journaling. I’m on page 77. Almost there! It will be cool to have a single book for the month.

I didn’t do my weekly set up until Tuesday, and I didn’t fill it in completely and ALMOST missed something at work.

I’ve more or less given up on decorating. No washi tape or stickers have been seen since July 19th. Ooops.

YouTube video link:

Not going to lie. I’m ready for it to be over, because I want to use my smaller sizes again and I want to play with the new Foxy Fix Marina Le Petit #5 I have….

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Congrats! You’ve made it through your Bachelor’s Degree! Now you’ve been accepted into a Master’s program. As someone who has been through the process, I would like to pass along three tips for all you new graduate students to help you (hopefully) keep your sanity and calm.


#1 Have a Personal Project Going

Have a personal project going outside your schoolwork. I know that sounds likes more work, but having something that stimulates your mind can help recharge those brain cells. Examples: journaling, crafting (knitting or crocheting), non-academic writing (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry pieces), or reading of a non-class required book or text.

#2 Exercise

Seriously. Get off your butt. Read on the treadmill or do flashcards. Play basketball. Go for a walk or run. Swim. Do something! Sitting on your butt, reading and researching, only results in a bigger butt. Ask me how I know.

#3 Set Up a Semester Master Calendar

Okay, this one probably should have been first, but oh well. Tear apart a cheap wall calendar from the dollar store. (If you like the pictures, and want the pictures, you may have to buy multiple calendars.) Tape the months to the wall, either in a horizontal or vertical fashion, one month right after the other. That way you can see your whole semester without having to flip pages.

Then fill in all important dates: due dates, holidays, school breaks, trips home, classes on what days, work schedule, study schedule, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. (Color coding is recommended.) This will give you a visual to see when and where you can take some down time or show you when you need to buckle down.

Happy studying and researching!

©Cori Large 20 July 2016



So here we are! Half way through #onebookJuly2016. Here’s what has going through my mind during this week:

*I should have used a plain black Sharpie pen.>>>Burning through my colletto inks very quickly.

*I miss my wide ruled journals for journaling.>>>My handwriting flows better.

*Definite planner and notebook changes coming in August.>>>Probably going to a satellite planner for my purse and leaving the heavy ones at home.

*I’m on the second page of my Table of Contents pages.>>>It took longer to get to that point than I expected.

*My colletto is on a week by week basis at this point. I thought I would have run out of ink by now, but I haven’t. Still have black, green, and purple for writing.

YouTube video link:



(This picture of my beagle always makes me smile.)


  1. Reading…Hot Topics: Hoarding by Jenny MacKay.
  2. Listening to…Nothing at the moment. It’s quiet.
  3. Eating…breakfast muffin thing—not very filling.
  4. Drinking…water water everywhere!
  5. Thinking…tomorrow’s outing with the whole gang!!!! We haven’t all be together in awhile.

How’s everyone else doing mid-month? Feel free to copy and paste this check-in list into your blog!


*Copied from Dia Darling’s Allthethingsido Blog*

Profile Pic

  1. Age: 28
  2. Biggest Fear: Being forgotten
  3. Current Time: 7:57 am
  4. Drink You Last Had: Water
  5. Easiest Person to Talk To: Depends on the topic
  6. Favorite Song: Automatic by Miranda Lambert
  7. Grossest Memory: Watching puppies being born
  8. Hometown: Winter Haven
  9. In Love With: My Husband
  10. Jealous Of: Online workers who can work and make money from anywhere
  11. Kindest Person You Know: My mom
  12. Life Isn’t Complete without: Garlic bread
  13. Middle Name: Ann
  14. Number of Siblings: 1, brother
  15. One Wish: To publish a book
  16. Person You Spoke on the Phone with Last: Mom
  17. Question you’re Always Asked: Aren’t libraries going away? (I’m a librarian. Some ignorant people think libraries get no use. Please see our gate count stats.)
  18. Reason to Smile: PUPPIES!
  19. Song You Last Sang: Platinum by Miranda Lambert
  20. Time You Woke Up: 6:05 am
  21. Underwear Color: too personal
  22. Vacation Destination: Ohio
  23. Worst Habit: Picking my nails
  24. X-Rays You’ve Had: Face x-ray to check for a sinus infection
  25. Your Favorite Food: Anything with peanut butter and Nutella involved
  26. Zodiac Sign: Taurus

© Cori Large 6/7/2016


Well, it’s been 1 week since I started #onebookJuly2016. Here are my thoughts so far on this challenge:

*Heavy. I forgot how heavy this Maverick TN could be.

*Loving my bullet journal insert. This will be continued.

*Missing my system pre-planner addict world…The inserts I have in the Maverick for the month mimic the set up I’ve used my whole life, except for when I was falling down the planner rabbit hole and trying to force myself into a new system. I’ve always used a brain dump notebook and a single wall calendar to stay organized. I’m kinda back to doing that now.

*As lovely as my colletto pen is (Thank you again, Canyon!), I’m burning through ink so quickly! I do have refills, but if I run out of them, I’m switching pens for the rest of the month.

*Piccadilly insert doesn’t lay flat like my daily insert did. Needs binder clips.

*Wasn’t using the Brain Dump/Random Writings notebook at all at first, but once I filled up the Musings and Brain Dump pages in my Collections #2 notebook, I started using the first one.

*Weekly insert helps me see an overview of what my week looks like, but I don’t use it very much.

YouTube video link:


***This is a sponsored post. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.***


Summary: An aging bookseller takes off on an adventure after being forced to read a 20 year old letter left to him by his life’s love. A journey of self-discovery and making new friends along the way, this book will make you pause and reflect on your own life.

This book made me cry at times because it resonated with me. Two lessons I’ve taken away from it are: (1) sometimes you need to leave everything behind in order to find your true self; and (2) cry when you need to cry, because “sometimes you’re swimming in unwept tears and you’ll go under if you store them up inside” (pg. 9).

Overall, I enjoyed this book so much, I’m adding a copy of it to my library’s Leisure collection.

© Cori Large 23 June 2016


Here’s a look at how my goals for June went.

Journal Booklet:

Print off, edit if needed>>>>completed 6/1/2016, working through it myself

Bobbin Lace Bookmark Workbook:

Reset for new bookmark>>>>complete 6/5/2016, finally! (This one was left over from May.)

Recipe Book:

Write out 5 recipes>>>>nothing done. Despite my hopes when I filmed the video on June 26th, I didn’t get the five recipes written out for this month.

Genealogy Workbook:

Why are citations important?>>>>completed 6/23/2016.


Write up Disney stuff and list it>>>>taking a break from eBay right now. It takes too much time to get everything together. Maybe when I have a couple of days, or a break from work, I’ll get it done.


List Journaling booklets>>>>6/22/2016

Update price list>>>>6/22/2016

ETSY shop link:


I honestly didn’t have anything set up for Amazon this month, but I ended up finishing a book for a sponsored post I was doing and ended up listing the book for sale on Amazon and it sold in an hour!!!

Craft Show Inventory:

Bernat Baby Blanket in Plum Chutney>>>>completed 6/8/2016

YouTube Channel:

Film 5 videos:

  1. Canyon Happy Mail
  2. QuinPlanner Review
  3. Knitting TN Insert
  4. Monthly Knits
  5. July Goals Update


Write 5 blog posts:

  1. ABC-about me post
  2. Why mason jars are awesome
  3. Fancy pen collection
  4. Canyon happy mail
  5. How I keep track of my planners
  6. QuinPlanner Review
  7. Zeitgeber Insert Review
  8. Knitting TN insert
  9. TN insert low down
  10. Blogging for Books review
  11. Collections Notebooks
  12. Blogging Notebook walk thru
  13. Monthly knits
  14. #onebookJuly2016 set up post
  15. July goals update

YouTube video link:

© Cori Large 28 June 2016


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