In this post, I’m going to show off my new ZLYC Passport size Traveler’s Notebook I got off Amazon. In a previous post, I wrote (okay, kinda ranted) about how Traveler’s Notebooks (TN) just weren’t for me, blah blah blah.

It turns out, I made a big mistake with the Buteo Bunker field notes traveler’s notebook in my previous post. I thought I had to have a stuffed TN, so I stuffed it. And I didn’t like it. The TN was too bulky to fit in my pocket, which was the point of having a Field Notes (FN) size to me. It never occurred to me that I could remove some of the inserts. It really didn’t.

It wasn’t until I tried a narrow size ZLYC brand TN [insert link], and I could not stuff this one (3 inserts fit comfortably, 4-5 is pushing it, more than 5 is not happening!).


I am also using a wide, but like having it thicker. So, now that I’ve rambled on, let me get to the point of this post.

ZLYC also offers a passport size as well as a standard/narrow size. I resisted getting it at first because I was still annoyed with the Buteo Bunker FN. Once I realized (a) stuffing the TN wasn’t a requirement and (b) ZLYC doesn’t allow for stuffing, I was more open to trying the smaller size again.



It came with three inserts (lined, blank, and the calendar). I’m a little disappointed in these inserts. The quality in my opinion is sub-par and they seem like an afterthought.




Luckily, I have plenty of notebooks that will fit. I had bought some different kinds to try out, but this information will be in my insert stash post. The inserts I have in the passport are one of my Pride & Prejudice notebooks from The British Library in London, the blank insert that came with it, and one of the small notebooks I got from Big Lots.





Pictures of other inserts in the Passport:

Poppin Insert


Moleskine Pocket Insert (it’s slightly too big for the passport)



Mini Composition Book (too small)


Not being able to stuff it is wonderful! It fits my back pocket perfectly! The leather is thinner and stiffer than the Narrow size.

Side by side comparison of the ZLYC Narrow/Standard and Passport sizes:


My husband thought it would be funny to put the passport under the narrow’s elastic:


Looking back at the Buteo Bunker FN size, it still may not have worked the way I wanted, because the leather was quite thick.

YouTube video links:

ZLYC Passport Video

Buteo Bunker Rant Video

Have you ever tried a product, been disappointed, and then tried a similar product and had success? Please share in the comments.

© Cori Large 4/15/2016



I’m really impressed with myself, with how much a actually did get done this month. I don’t look at my target list everyday (probably should).

  1. Journal Prompts Book
    1. Resort & refine prompts>>>>started the refining and resorting process; also came up with a new idea, and will be working on that in May.
  2. Bobbin Lace Workbook
    1. Finished started bookmark>>>>scrapped in-process on because of a non-fixable mistake made at some point.
  3. Recipe Book
    1. Write out 5 recipes>>>>completed 23 April 2016
  4. Genealogy Workbook
    1. Write up date format>>>>completed 23 April 2016
  5. eBay
    1. Write up Disney stuff, photo & list>>>>no work done this month
    2. Clean out eBay file>>>>no work done this month
  6. ETSY shop
    1. List MF Daily ½ hr w/ TD list Insert>>>>no work done this month
    2. Update price list>>>>no work done this month
  7. Amazon Seller Account
    1. Nothing on the list for April
  8. Craft Show Inventory
    1. Bernat Baby Little Royals baby blanket>>>>completed; see April 2016 Monthly Knits post for a picture
  9. TFAPCG YouTube Channel
    1. Film 5 videos
    2. #1 ZLYC Passport TN
    3. #2 TN Insert Sizes & Options
    4. #3 Color Coding Dailies
    5. #4 TN Insert Haul
    6. #5 Cori’s Favorite Things
    7. #6 MF Hoard in Use
    8. #7 Keeping Track of Interesting Articles
  10. TFAPCG Blog
    1. Write 10 blog posts.
    2. #1 Jane Austen Journal Post
    3. #2 Frankie Brown 10 Stitch Blanket post
    4. #3 Winnie the Pooh Planner
    5. #4 Future Knitting Projects
    6. #5 Color Coding Dailies
    7. #6 April 2016 Knits
    8. #7 Passport TN rxtns
    9. #8 TN Insert Haul

YouTube video Link:


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