Here are my top 10 most popular videos I’ve filmed and posted on YouTube.

  1. Bullet Journal Set up July 2015
  2. Mead Flex Binder Planner March 2015
  3. April 2015 Bullet Journal Set Up
  4. Cash Envelope Wallet
  5. Franklin Covey Sierra Planner Set Up
  6. June 2015 Bullet Journal Set Up
  7. May 2015 Bullet Journal
  8. Experiment in Bullet Journaling March 2015
  9. Unboxing Video: Mead Shopping OrganizHer
  10. New to Me: Fauxdori Field Notes Aug 2015

In making this list, I’m seeing a pattern. Bullet Journaling is a very popular planning system. I still love the idea, but I need more structure than the original idea offers.

Not to push anyone to watch any of my videos (though I’d love you, if you did), #9 Unboxing Video: Mead Shopping OrganizHer video is comical IMO. My friend filmed it during a Girl’s Craft Day at my house when it showed up in the mail. It is one of the rawest videos I’ve filmed. This notebook is still one of my favorite products EVER!

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This was my first year on this site. Here are some of the most popular posts I’ve had this past year.

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Holy cow! I can’t believe 2016 is here already!

In my previous post, Goal Setting and Mind Mapping, I set 11 goals for myself. Projects that I’ve either been meaning to work on or want to accomplish for my side businesses and here is how December went and what I have in store for myself in January.


December’s Monthly Target List:

Journal Prompts Book: work on consolidating all prompts into an Excel spreadsheet

Completed 12-28-2015

Bobbin Lace Workbook: go through current print out and make notes

Completed 12-30-2015

Recipe Book: start listing recipes or find list

Ongoing process, but found started list

Genealogy Workbook: consolidate all notes

Still looking for all my notes

eBay: write ups and pictures of stuff in spare room

6 write ups done, not all stuff in spare room written up

ETSY: finish setting up shop

Completed 12-13-2015

Listed Stitch Markers on shop as well

Amazon: finish setting up seller profile

Completed 12-29-2015

Listed and sold first item put into inventory

Craft Shows: knit Plum Chutney baby blanket

Completed 12-5-2015

YouTube Channel: categorize videos and put into playlist

Completed 12-13-2015

Blog: create editorial calendar

Completed 12-6-2015

Cooking thru the Book: research equipment and software needed

Consulting more knowledgeable people

January Target List:


Journal Prompts Book:

  • Delete duplicates
  • Create Chicago citations
  • Assign End Note characters

Bobbin Lace Workbook:

  • Work through the instructions

Recipe Book:

  • Write out 5 recipes

Genealogy Workbook:

  • Work out what needs to be written

eBay Shop:

  • Continue write ups and pictures
  • Type and upload what you have


  • List sweater and other specialty items


  • Do more seller research

Craft Shows:

  • Knit Little Royals baby blanket

YouTube Channel:

  • Film 5 videos in January


  • Brainstorm more post ideas

Cooking thru the Book:

  • Make a list of needed equipment and software with the approximate cost

This is what I’ll be up to in the first month of the New Year. December’s list wasn’t so bad, especially when you consider I was out of town for a week and couldn’t bring much with me to work on. So, if I can get 8-9 targets met in December and was making some progress on the remaining ones, January should be just as productive.

Here’s the YouTube video link if you’d like to watch: 

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